Free Bukkit Server Hosting?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LandonTheGeek, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Today I'm looking for a free website to host a bukkit server? Or just someone to do it for me?
    I have been wanting to host a HungerGames SurvivalGames server.
    That would be great if you could help me out!
  2. No
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    Not to be mean but i agree with Sushi There are no hosts that would host it for free but i can give you one that is cheap and one that i use. And I Doubt anyone would do it for you.
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    I still although don't really have the moneyto be paying this and that a month.. As I need to feed my family.

    *EDIT*: If anyone gives me the server hosting website or hosts a server for me, then "they" will get PermanentModerator if they would like on my new HungerGames server!

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  5. You could always host one at home, if your connection can handle a small amount of players and you have a spare box to use.

    BeastNode offers a 512MB (~1-10 players realistically) for $9. If you can't afford that I feel for you, but you have to realize if someone hosts a server for you they pay for maintenance, hardware, and electricity on that server, and the server itself will cost a nice chunk of change. Running a server in a data center (not even getting into the Minecraft software) is hard work, and people expect (rightly so) to be compensated for their work.

    Bottom line: free to you means the cost is put on someone else's shoulders.
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    I can give you a REALLY cheap hosting server. They ARE really good to :) For like 512mb is like $5 Or $7.. Im going to check
    Acutally for $512Mb Plan is ONLY $4 A MONTH (You Get 10GB of storage).. And 4GB is $30 (80GB of Storage) Better Then What I Have Said.. LINK: *My Plan Is 1.5GB (30GB of Storage)
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    Was thinkin about free stuff!
    I just cant afford the cheap stuff even!
  8. Good luck with that.
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    I know....

  10. I wonder how many hunger games/ survival games servers are out there...
    I dont know my server is freebuild semi-creative server, PVP. server.
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    Hye, maybe if your still into having a server being hosted FREE when i get money, i will buy a new computer and do it for you :D but i can't guarantee that it will be 24/7 and i'm not sure how long i will get my money.. probably like 1 - 3 months... :p

    There are tons.. :confused:

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  12. Y U make 2 posts, you can edit your previous post to add this.

    Also: There are more minecraft servers than there are minecraft users
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    Sorry.. And woah lol..
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    I followed you! Contact me when you have the money!
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    Ok i will!
  16. How does that make sense? Are there random people who own 5 servers??? There has to be at least 1 user per server...
  17. Are there more automobiles* than people?
    *old, broken or new.
  18. Well yes, but most servers are rented... and a lot of people own 2... Plus I don't think a broken server would count
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    can some one help me i started the free version of bukkit but i cant get on
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    According to google there are roughly 1 billion automobiles in the world, and there are about 7 billion people in the world. :p
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    Try making your own topic and don't bump old ones.
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    i did i didint get any answers

    and i really want to strt it up
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