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Discussion in 'Resources' started by PhantomUnicorns, May 22, 2018.

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    I made a framework for a core plugin here and was wondering if people could help contribute to the core plugin to make it better.

    Right now I have a system of extending a class that has access to certain variables, I wanted to try it out. Examples of currently implemented stuff is configuration (ability to make custom configurations too) Economy, some custom exceptions (I haven't decided which ones I would like to force handling for but non seem to need to), and a command system (Using annotations) which I have an implementation of with the command Configuration (this is for testing purposes, when you build you obviously don't have to use it).

    Thanks for reading through most/all of it. I appreciate some suggestions, critics, ect...
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    The exceptions from the Java JDK typically have everything you need. i.e. IllegalStateException, IllegalArgumentException, or, if there's nothing that matches, just a RuntimeException.
    Exceptions such as AlreadySetCoreException or CoreNotSetException both seem like something you'd use an IllegalStateException
    (From documentation)
    Signals that a method has been invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time.
    So on. Removing classes like these just helps cut out unneeded code (keep things more organized).

    As for things to add, I would suggest some sort of zones. Zones could be created for spawn/lobby zones, or pvp arenas, maps for minigames, and so on.
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    Oh, I see what you mean but the redundant custom exceptions. A zones system seems kind of cool, I'll implement it.
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