Forums Downtime (06/12/2011) (UPDATE: complete)

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by lukegb, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I'd like to alert you to the fact that the Bukkit Forums (including will be temporarily unavailable for a period of approximately one hour whilst vital networking equipment between our web server and database server is replaced and/or repaired by our hosting provider, Multiplay. I cannot at this time give you an estimate of when the work will start, but it should begin some time tonight (GMT).

    This replacement should resolve the issues that many of you have been experiencing with the forums as of late.

    In summary, the following services will be unavailable:
    The following services may be affected:
    The following services will not be affected:
    • (
    I thank you on behalf of the Bukkit team for your patience whilst these important repairs are underway.

    Update: The maintenance work has been completed. Thanks for your patience!
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    No worries bukkit! Keep up the good work :)
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    The end is coming! :O
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    O nos down time :(
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    That's good, hopefully it resolves the slowness on bukkit!
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    Hopefully it's quick and painless!
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    Don Redhorse

    Thanks for updating us!
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    nooooooooooooooh :(
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    Fuck yeah! Bukkit servers have been sooo slow lately
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    Ronny Hålmås

    Finaly! Fast servers with less bugs XD I hope soon the latest recommend build soon comes for 1.0.0 (All latest recommend builds at Then I can start on my first plugin! :D
    Keep the good work bukkit! Maybe if I get money I donate a day! >w<
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    Nice! I <3 updates!
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    Wont be long
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    Argh.... I just got a server on my mac and now I have to wait:)
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    The cake is a lie!
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    now where have i heared that before?
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    thats great

    Edit by MonsieurApple: Stay on topic, please
  17. Ok its 6:00 am soon and nothing have hapend :(
    Sorry for bad spelling :(
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    Forums seem faster to me. Good work!

    Also, why is "That's great" off topic and "nooooooooo", "the cake is a lie" and it's responses not?
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    That isn't what it originally said, as it was edited.
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    still seems bad to me :((
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    Did it already happen?
    I suppose it did because it was down quite some time (down in the sense of it only displaying "This page is currently not availabe")
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    No, that's just the unscheduled daily downtime.
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    :confused: Oh wow, is it that bad?
    I thought they were doing to upgrade/update :O
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    and i was about to start a topic asking why the sites was so unstable... seemce like i dont need to do that.
    thanks for letting us now before... =)
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    Technically it is scheduled, since it's something we agreed with Multiplay.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Wait, is it all done? Are the forums going to stop crashing now?
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    I have that every day :(
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    It's already happened. Let me update the first post.
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    Forum's running faster.

    See, bitching does help :D
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