Fortune Blocks. Interference with World Guard Regions?

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    I own a prison server called Syndicate Prison. I am looking for a plugin that makes fortune enchantments work on diamond blocks etc. I have tried all the plugins i could find and they all worked but had this one problem that i need urgently fixed as it is a risk of my server getting griefed. When someone mined in a protected area it would drop blocks and destroy that block bypassing the World guard protection. Also they all dropped every single type of block including beacons in large numbers. this is would simply classify as 'duplicating' and meas people can basically have a never ending source of beacons. so an item whitelist would be great. the blocks i would like this to work on would be Diamond Block, Gold Block, Emerald Block, Redstone Block, Lapis lazuli block, obsidian, iron block and coal block. so if you dont have the time to make an item whitelist then just enable it for those blocks. If you have the time it would be great if you could add an auto smelter in there. if you really are tight on time and just cant do it thats fine but it is something i need. Thank you for taking interest and i look forward to seeing some talented developers make this plugin work for me :)
    Also i believe there would be quite a few out there having the same problem so feel free to make the plugin public.

    These are no necessary but heres some things in the plugin I would personally like.

    Plugin Name: BlockFortune

    Commands: No commands needed.

    Permissions: No permissions needed. Default enabled for all

    Other Requests: Item Whitelist in a config file.

    Must Have: - not work in regions protected with the flag Build: Deny
    - The amount of items dropped work with the fortune amount.
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    Please someone help me, i cant open my server till i have this plugin done :C
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    The last update of my plugin works with world guard and I'm uploading a new version where I fixed smelting

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