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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by alnoise, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Im making my pvp arena on my server fortnite based (dusty to be exact) and I wanted a plugin that allowed players to consume an item to get a jump boost effect. Im thinking the item can just be a floating diamond entity on the ground (that dosnt get cleared by clearlagg) that a player has to hold e or something on to consume it. I don’t know how hard thos would be to make but I would seriously appreciate it if someone would make this. I think a lot of server owners would also love this.

    Edit: Ill be a little more clear, I want the item to spawn in certain spots (set with a command) and if a player consumes one of them the item will regenerate in say 30 seconds while giving the player jump boost for only 10 seconds or so.
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    Of course, you can also right-click on items.

    So... let me sum up:
    The plugin should spawn an item (e.g. a diamond) that should not despawn and is not affected by Clearlagg.
    You can keep as many as you want?
    And when you activate it there is a cooldown of 30s and a jump effect for 10s
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    Exactly this! But the player can not pick up the diamond, only hold E while looking at it on the ground then have it despawn for ~30 seconds while only giving the player jump boost for 10. (Not stackable) so if you consumed one you have to wait the 10 seconds before being able to add more effect if that makes sense.
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    I would like to code this.

    The thing is you cannot detect id a player is holding E. Standing nearby it for x seconds would be possible or just applying the effect when hitting the crystal. You will have to think about that.

    What version should this plugin be for?
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    When hitting it sounds A okay. I just need it to disapear after its used for the 30 seconds so players can’t just camp it but right now im running my server on Spigot 1.8.7 or the latest 1.8 Spigot build :)

    Edit: Thank you so much for taking up my request im hoping this will take my server up a level

    Edit 2: Maybe crouch hitting to avoid accidentally hitting it during pvp
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    Oh dang it. I think from 1.10+ it is possible to actually let entites float in the air.
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    To be honest it would be better for me if they werent. My new pvp arena is based off of dusty and I thought it would be cool if I had a plugin that added something fortnite related and jump crystals sound like a lot of fun for PvP . In fortnite they are just on the ground floating like a minecraft entity would so it dosnt really matter :)
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    I watched some yt videos about the crytals earlier (I dont play Fortnite myself). I think it would not be impossible to create an animation where the player picks the item up and it cracks in their hand. Some particles around the crystals or an enchanted look would be possible too.

    And you should tell me what level of jump boost a player should get or if it should be customizable (config)
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    Yeah I wasn't expecting that as that's a little.. much for java. Jump 2 should do the trick :D

    Edit: Also could you give it like a little glow effect I think that would be cool
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    Java can do everything. Only with plugins you are a bit limited.

    Ok here is the plugin: link

    There is the main command /gravitycrystals with different possible arguments:
    • addspawn - add a spawn for a gravity crystal at the position you are standing on
    • listspawns - lists all created spawns of the current world
    • deletespawn - remove the spawn at the position you standing on
    • deleteworld - delete all created spawns in the current world
    • reload - reload values that have been changed in the config
    The permission for these commands is gravitycrystals.use.

    Once a spawn has been set a enchanted glowing diamond - the gravity crystal - will drop there. If you hit within a radius of 2 blocks it will break and add 10 extra seconds jump boost to you. After 30 seconds another diamond will be dropped at the spawn. The cystals are ClearLag-safe :D

    In the config you can also change
    • the time a spawn needs to reload before dropping another crystal
    • the amplifier and duration of the jump boost

    Well it is 2 am but I hope there aren't too many bugs xD. Hitting a crystal is kind of glitchy and may not work form every direction (I think you cannot hit it from directly above).

    If you have there is anything else you would like to get edited just tag me in this thread. But consider that I won't add another 20 extra features.

    It was a nice little project, I think it is a bit too specific to upload it on curseforge actually. Anyway, have funwith it!
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    Me and my friends were refreshing this page like crazy. We weren't expecting something this professional looking at all, you did an amazing job with this plugin! Thank you so much man this is really fun I'm sure my players are going to love it when I put it on my main server :D
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    Nice to hear that you like the plugin.
    And if you got a nice results the request cannot be that bad as well :) (Or at least the idea xD if you follow the readme next time things will get in flow even faster)

    I changed the particle effects a bit to what I think looks a bit fancier... the link is still the same, of course you can keep the other version if you prefer
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    Hey! Looks like we were enjoying the plugin a little too much.. They have stopped spawning after a while (except for the first one I placed for some reason) and every time that happens I need to do a reload or restart. I have no idea why its happening hopefully it wont be to hard to fix :p
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    The first or the second version? Are there any crash logs? They stop respawning after you destroy the crystal. Is that in any way related to if the chunk the spawner is in is loaded? About how long are we talking here?
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    The first version, it happened within the first 30 minutes of having the plugin so not that long. It happens while were all at warp pvp so it shouldn't be the chunks unloading.. They stop respawning after you destroy the crystals a couple times. I don't know how to recreate it i'm sorry but it happens every time after a couple minutes.
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    Well you must have gotten a load of error logs in your server console. And they were important. There was an issue with the clearlag API because I misunderstood the meaning of one method. Therefore theoretically not my fault xD

    updated link
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    Awesome man thank you so much for your work! I'll keep you updated on how this one works.
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