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    I Was searching around for a nice way to have some kind of protection on the pvp server i am working on just about every protection plugin i have looked at protects bases 24/7 this leads to pussy players hiding in their base all day. Less than ideal on a pvp server.

    I then came across this old project that's not been updated in a long long time. and I really liked the idea. but the sensors bit was a little bit outside the plugins scope.

    For those of you that are too lazy to go read that page the Idea is this:

    Players online and inside Base region = Enable a list of blocks that are in the server config to be breakable inside the base region this could be like dirt cobble or what ever the server admin decides.
    All other blocks would be protected from breaking.

    however when the player is not online or not in their base it is 100% protected.

    this is what I think is a fair system to prevent those base campers Plus it should add some fun tactics like building deference's to fend off any attackers controlled from a lever in a spotters nest :D
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    Have you tested wether or not that plugin still works?
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    I just tested it on my local host and everything seems to work as it should for 1.6.2, what exactly were you hoping would be done?
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    I was hoping that some one would recode it and maybe keep it updated I really don't think its a good idea to base a whole server on an inactive plugin.

    it also lacks the breakables List that i mentioned Currently every thing can be broken.

    After looking closely at the existing plugin it is entirely possible and legal to update it and continue development.
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    I am still looking for some one to take on this task.

    If you are even slightly interested I Would like you to send me a Pm and I will send back some more details. :cool:
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    Unfortunately I can' t help you with this plugin. But I encountered the same problem as you when I wanted to host a server for myself and some friends. Claiming is overpowered, but if you don't allow claiming it's way too easy. I posted my own solution here. It's a little bit different than yours, but the outcome is the same:)

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