[FORMATTED] Village Cash! Instead of trading for emeralds, trade for cash!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by RiotShielder, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: Village Cash (I really had no better idea)

    What I want: A plugin that will hook into vault for economy, and instead of giving emeralds when trading to villagers, you will get a reasonable amount of cash, for example I trade with a villager, instead of show emeralds maybe it could show text? If not maybe show x gold ingots which would represent the amount of cash you would get, I.E. you sell a diamond, it will show a stack of 200 gold ingots, when you accept the trade it will instead give you 200 money via vault, maybe make a config file to define values of items

    Ideas for commands: None needed

    Ideas for permissions: None needed

    When I'd like it by: Whenever :p
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    Sounds cool! I like the idea
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    I have a better idea! Sell emeralds for cash? '-'
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    Just get chestshop or something else?
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    I'm not a fan of chestshop, cause shops take too long to set up, and sometimes you won't know what your buying. I am going to make an alternate in the future though.
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    It takes ~5 seconds to set up... And how do you not know what you're buying? The item name is written on line 4... And it's not like Essentials shops, where it uses the item IDs.
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    Use essentials sign shops to sell emeralds in a bank-like location? Would be much easier... then you could use the plugin for trading with villagers... "Shopkeepers"
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    Well 5 seconds is too long, for me it's like 10 cause I want to make sure what I'm selling, and sometimes I enter it wrong so it's a dud. It's not just what I'm buying, it's the price, cause it's hard to tell with the s and b in there. Anyways other people don't have to agree with my opinion.
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