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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: One-Time Reward

    A bit about me: I took a year break from running a server and now I'm back with more ideas for plugin developers. I made a request called "MagicFind" which is completed and is now called DiabloDrops which has spawned some other plugins as well. Now I'm looking for more RPG elements to take my server and I'm sure many others, further beyond.

    What I want: Today I am asking for a plugin that lets you set down a sign that when right clicked, gives a one-time reward per person that right clicks it. You could say use command signs but I want to place these "signs" all over my server's map. The reason is because I want "Points of Interest" where if a player takes the time to explore an area they can't destroy, then they get rewarded by right clicking this sign. But in order to do that effectively, I'd need it to not give it to them ever again after the first time. I can think of a few complicated ways to accomplish this such as:
    Command Signs
    But overall, it seems like I'd need a plugin to store this information. An example of how the setup of a sign works might be like this:
    You'll note that [POI 1] is all the plugin will need and the rest of the text is to instruct the player discovering it.
    Method 1
    The plugin would detect the top line [POI 1] and would either require you to do a command like this: /POI set itemid:amount %interactingplayer%
    and then have a command like this as well(for MCMMO) /POI add Mining amount
    The "add" is there to tell you that its not going to set their stat to 1, it will just add 1. To put it simply, it doesn't set your Mining to 1, it adds 1 to your current skill.

    Now comes the harder part. It has to store it in the plugin that the player who right clicked the sign has already received their reward and cannot click it again. But it must also be resettable. So I'm thinking flatfile for this (because I don't have any other database for this) so I can edit freely whether someone has the option to click it again. This is for testing purposes.
    Ideas for Config Method 1:
    [POI 1]
    give %interactingplayer% itemid:amount
    give %interactingplayer% money:amount
    give %interactingplayer% Mining:amount

    [POI 2]
    give %interactingplayer% itemid:amount
    give %interactingplayer% money:amount
    give %interactingplayer% Axes:amount

    You'll note that Method 2 config is the same but Method 2 also doesn't rely on commands to place these settings in the config.
    Method 2
    The plugin would detect the top line [POI 1] and then refer to the config for what it would give to the player. An example would come in the config so that setting up the first sign with [POI 1] on the first line can be tested.

    Here is an idea for the Config: (Money part would require Vault)
    [POI 1]
    give %interactingplayer% itemid:amount
    give %interactingplayer% money:amount
    give %interactingplayer% Mining:amount

    [POI 2]
    give %interactingplayer% itemid:amount
    give %interactingplayer% money:amount
    give %interactingplayer% Axes:amount

    Method 2 Storage file Example (Merely a suggestion):
    Chaositic = true
    Herobrine = false

    Ideas for commands (Method 1):
    /POI set itemid:amount %interactingplayer%
    /POI set itemid:amount %interactingplayer%
    Ideas for permissions: POI.admin.set (Lets anyone make a POI sign)
    POI.reward.receive (Lets anyone with this receive a reward one-time only)
    POI.reward.deny (To stop non-members from receiving rewards until promoted)
    When I'd like it by: I am flexible but if I were to give a date, I'd hope for June 25th

    Similar plugin requests: None that I'm aware of

    Additional Notes: If anyone has info on a plugin that currently does these features, then feel free to reply to this thread to let me and others know. I'm not a Java Programmer so I'd appreciate any knowledgeable programmer or those just starting out to take this on.

    Thanks for reading.
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    A plugin like this seems almost essential for an RPG server. Being a player that goes exploring and gets rewarded by searching for secrets could be a cool experience. I hope this gets considered and then made
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    Have you considered Phatloots? Seems a little more "RPG-ish" to find chests in hidden places that you get rewards from. I believe Phatloots can make the chests only reward each player once.
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    Chaositic Along with what Zarius said, you can also use TreasureChest. It doesn't work via sign (hence the name) but it will indeed make a one-time usable chest (per user).
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    Both of you have valid points but unfortunately, I still need something that can reward stats to a player. The item and money giving was merely examples. If absolutely needed, we could just say that only stat giving to an mcmmo stat is what I require and that both TreasureChest and PhatLoots can fill item needs.

    Edit: Another thing is that I want players to right click something and get a reward. It would be like something out of mass effect where you salvage an item and get experience awarded or credits (game's currency). I just figured it would be a cool plugin to have.

    Thanks for the reply though. Its appreciated :)
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    Chaositic - yeah, I forgot about the stats :) I was just about to suggest a token for the stats, eg. a slimeball with custom name "mcMMO mining +5xp" or some such.

    OtherDrops allows for rightclicking items with a wide variety of effects/conditions - if you need help configuring it (can be a little tricky at times but easy when you get the hang of it) just let me know. For salvage you could also have it so that you need to leftclick the item on an anvil (to avoid accidental salvages, you could use shift-leftclick as the condition, when I add a "sneaking" condition).

    One problem I see though - don't know if you want to try and avoid this - is players "collecting" the tokens and trading them (or creating "alt" characters to gather more tokens).
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    That's perfect because I did install that plugin for some other uses. If I manage to get it working, I'll paste the config here.

    On another note: is also good for this because it can do a console command incase anyone wanted to know.
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    Chaositic - cool, let me know how it goes and if there's anything I can do to make OtherDrops work better for you let me know (I value all feedback).
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    I have a plugin similar to your request. It uses chests with randomly generated inventories on the first opening but could be configed to have a set inventory. The items are then placed in the chest overwriting items already in the chest.

    So basically each time a player opens the chest for the first time they get a new set of items and if they open it again it will get any items left plus an items that may have been left by other players.

    I could give you a demo of what it currently does if you would like to see it before I start to change it for your needs.

    The current config for this uses MySQL but I could possibly change that to run from a flatphile.
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    That does sound cool but i'm wondering if its possible to make it run a command when they open it. Something like:
    /give @p itemid <amount>
    (@p meaning player)
    Basically it records who opened it and console runs a command giving them something like an item, mcmmo xp, etc.

    If that were possible, then your plugin is definitely up my alley.

    I'm still working on this with OtherDrops and RewardTokens but I need them both for other things so having another plugin with a command function with chests would be awesome.
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    After reviewing your request I think that I can make this. But, I am starting my werk week so it will take me some time to get it completed. So, if anyone else would like to do it first please do.
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    Honestly I appreciate the interest you've taken into it and I can find other means temporarily while waiting so I'm not worried about how long it will take you. Hope everything goes well for your work week.

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