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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: Magic Find Gems (Name this what you want)

    A bit about me: I've requested a couple plugins in the past which have been made. The main one I know of is a custom version of Fakie 2 made by Daviga404 and they're released to public as well.

    What I want: The idea of MagicFind is from the Diablo series where you'd get an item looking like a crystal or gem and it'd add to your chance to find rarer loot. You'd basically make your own mobloot table and make it so that, every 100 of an obtainable item (let's say Sponge) increases the chance of rare loot by 1% and common loot by 2%. The percentages are there for example purposes and would be configurable hopefully.
    Ideas for Config:
    #Common Loot
    Bones: True
    Wool: True
    Gunpowder: True
    EnderPearl: True
    Seeds: True
    Torches: True
    BaseChance: 20%
    PercentagePerMFItem: .1
    #Rare Loot
    Bows: True
    IronSword: True
    IronAxe: True
    DiamondAxe: True
    DiamondSword: True
    BaseChance: 5%
    PercentagePerMFItem: .05
    Random_Enchant_Bows: True
    Random_Enchant_IronSword: True
    Random_Enchant_IronAxe: True
    Random_Enchant_DiamondAxe: True
    Random_Enchant_DiamondSword: True
    BaseChance: 1%
    PercentagePerMFItem: .005

    Ideas for commands: /mfi add loot [itemid] [LootType]

    Ideas for permissions: mfi.mobloot.common
    When I'd like it by: I am flexible, I am also aware this could be quite challenging but it'd be nice to be PMed about Skype and adding me.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: None


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    hmm nice idea... would be great for the server im in...
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    Bumping in hopes that someone takes an interest and replies or at least someone suggests something.
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    12 days since last bump. Hoping for some interest or suggestions -_-
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    Would be nice to know if this was doable or not.
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    We have plenty of mob loot table plugins made so this honestly shouldn't be hard, should it? =/
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Wow... Nobody made this. I got this. Common items won't show an enchantment.

    Everything is random and randomness is customizable.

        description: Allows the Administration to Full Control
          magicfind.rare: true
          magicfind.legendary: true
        default: op
        description: Allows player to get rare drops from mobs
        default: op
        description: Allows player to get legendary drops from mobs
        enable: true
        #1 out of 10#
        - 256
        - 257
        - 258
        - 267
        - 283
        - 284
        - 285
        - 286
        chance: 10
        #Max Amount of enchaments for the random item#
        amount: 10
        enable: true
        - 276
        - 277
        - 278
        - 279
        - 293
        #1 out of 25#
        chance: 25
        #max=21 enchaments#
        amount: 21
    Its actually kinda nice. I like it myself.
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    Hey I wanted to say thanks for putting in the effort to making this. I just tested it for 1.3 and it definitely doesn't work. Is there a way you could get it to work for 1.3? I kinda gave up on Minecraft during the summer and I had no idea this was made so I didn't even get a chance to try it out (even though I can downgrade).

    Once again, thanks. Seeing this made my day :D
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    As soon as I can get to my machine. I'll look at it.
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    I just looked it over. I'm not seeing any issues. It should be working good.
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    Thanks Deathmarine , i've been looking for this long time ago :D

    EDIT: LOL! i killed 3 zombies and one of them dropped a diamond sword with:
    Protection III
    Infinity I
    Smite IV
    Fire Protection III
    Efficiency V
    Knockback I
    FeatherFalling IV
    Power I
    Bane of Arthropods I
    Aqua Afinity I
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    No problem buddy. :)
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    Dat Sword...
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    FYI, I'm posting a bukkitdev version called DiabloDrops with kickass diablo named and colored items. All random of course.

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