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    Plugin category: Spawn

    Suggested name: RandomSpawn

    Who I am: I'm a server owner who get's tired of people spawning and building around the immediate location of the spawn. So all buildings are always RIGHT near spawn.

    What I want: I thought an idea for a plugin would be RandomSpawn. When you leave the spawn, you can press a button, or sign, or lever, or whatever would be easier. When that interaction takes place, it teleports a player somewhere random in the world. Forcing everyone to spread out, and for everyone to build a lot farther away from spawn.

    I'd also like if you could set a spawn radius' for the plugin. Like people can only spawn out any further than let's say 500 blocks, but can't spawn within 100 blocks of the button, or sign.

    Ideas for commands: /rs create - to link a button, or lever, or sign to the plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: RandomSpawn.create

    When I'd like it by: Whenever is fine.


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    Spawn Area

    Search :p

    I will add signs and that wonderful joy soon, but for now you can use /sa spawn_area
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    Oh, cool. Thanks!

    Sort of what I'm looking for although, I would like if everyone would spawn in ONE area, and then on choice at spawn, teleport to that defined area.

    I could always use this, though, thanks!

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    You can specify the x and z of default to be the same coordinates, so everyone spawns in the same area, but know that they will spawn at the highest block on the y axis, so they won't spawn in buildings or anything

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