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    Plugin category: FUN, WGEN, MISC, RPG

    Suggested name: Radiation Zones

    A bit about me: I'm an active member of the Bukkit Help section, and ticket manage plugins like mChatSuite & bPermissions.

    What I want: Randomly placed zones (config options for size/frequency) that make a player either a) poisoned (start losing health) or b) lose 1 health/second (how much to lose and how often configurable). There should also be some terrain issues with these zones. Dead shrubs, nasty looking terrain, dead trees. Animals should also be killed in these zones. A customizable message when someone enters/exits these zones/regions. 1 more thing, must have multiworld support so my creative/main worlds don't get owned. :p

    Ideas for commands: /radzon reload - reloads configuration

    Ideas for permissions:
    radzon.reload - Default op, lets you /radzon reload
    radzon.exempt - don't get affected by radiation zones.

    Willing to pay up to: $5 - That's all I can offer right now, no hard feelings if you decide not to make it.

    When I'd like it by: Preferrably before December 21st 2012, I'd like some radiation poisoning before the world kills me.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B MiracleM4n turt2live
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    Will look into doing this when I get home, Challenge = Accepted.
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    I'm guessing Challenge = Gave up/forgot ?
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    Lol. More like Challenge= Pretend accepted so you'll get off my nerves.
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    I forgot I even accepted this o.o Got busy I guess, will work on it when I get some time unless someone else wants to.
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    xD, I'm not the one you should be telling that to
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    Was saying it in general, first half was in response to you.
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    lol, kk :D
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    I'll give this a shot but, don't be dependent on me :p

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