[FORMATTED] Death Spawn in a certain area of blocks

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    Plugin category: Gen / admin / fun

    Suggested name: DeathSpawn+

    A bit about me: I'm a moderator on a server known as MyriadCraft.

    What I want: We of MyriadCraft decided to make a new game similar to capture the flag, but with suffocation of players (who act as flags) but we need them to respawn in a specific area, or back where they died until a moderator removes them from the containment unit.

    Ideas for commands: /dspawn enter X /dspawn exit X (X is number of blocks (in sphere area) to be affected from where you are standing. EXA: You choose three, from where you are standing, three blocks will be affected, not the block three up from where you are standing.)

    /dspawn enter chunk /dpsawn exit chunk (The chunk will only do enter / exit for specific chunks.)

    /dspawn set link X /dspawn del link X (After you set dspawns above, link them with these, so that when you delete the link, the dspawns won't work anymore.)

    /dspawn check link (checks what link number / ID the currently stood-in deathspawn you are in is.)

    /dspawn check (checks if the area has dspawn on it. If it is, tell the user checking if it's a chunk or just blocks, and what height the blocks go to if it isn't a chunk.)

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: Asap

    Similar plugin requests: DeathSpawn (Not compatible with 1.2.5, still 1.2.3)

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