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    Plugin category: CHAT, MISC

    Suggested name: IDontKnowNorDoICare

    A bit about me: I'm really active in Bukkit Help, and I'm creating a Tekkit RPG server, I need a few plugins and have already modified a few. :)

    What I want: In simplest terms, I want a chat plugin that edits the output of somebodies message based on a prefixed command. The configuration file would be completely configurable, as in I can make up the prefixed command and the coresponding permission node that follows it. (Similar to creating your own permission node(s) in WorldGuard blacklists). Note: If no '/<command>' is prefixed, it should use default chat setup. (So I could possibly use a different plugin to handle regular chat.) Also, if some other person uses this and accidentally sets up a command that already exists in a different plugin, let the OTHER plugin take priority. (Example: '/lb Hello!' should throw a LogBlock error, not a 'LB//Hello!' type message. :)
    Config example:
    1. ooc:
    2. format: '&7OOC&f//&3%SENDER%&f: &7'
    3. permission: 'PluginNameHere.ooc'

    Then, if a player typed '/ooc Hello!' It'd come out as 'OOC//Sayshal: Hello!' with colors ofcourse.

    Ideas for commands: /<pluginname> reload, and ofcourse the custom commands set in config.

    Ideas for permissions:
    PluginNameHere.reload and ofcourse custom configuration-set permissions

    When I'd like it by: Server is set to launch July 1st, but I'd like it as soon as someone could.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: codename_B, turt2live
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    *shameful bump*
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    Not quite sure what your trying to do here... Custom channels? Or just prefixes?
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    Just the prefix, it would still be broadcasted globally.
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    Hmm... This could be done with HeroChat. Make it so that everyone can see every channel, make them autojoin every channel. don't give them perms to leave the channels. HUZZAH! Still confused? Just PM me for a better explanation xD
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    I understand that HeroChat can do this. Unfortunately HeroChat conflicts with multiple plugins I'm using, so it's not really worth the hassle.
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    Ah oh well! There are plenty other char plugins that you could do the same with
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    Could you point me to a few?
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    You know I bet CommandHelper would cover this, come to think of it.
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    I'll look into it thanks a lot.

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