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    Suggested name: Chat Ding

    A bit about me: I like to game and code. That's basically the sum of me. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered Java syntax yet or the Bukkit API. I'm more familiar with C#, XNA, and VB.

    What I want: Basically, I'd like a mod where a ding or something (sound, probably from noteblock) is played so I know there is a message.

    Ideas for commands: Disable it on your end and maybe have it so you can set it to whom it will ding for.
    Ideas for permissions: Should not need any...

    When I'd like it by: Whenever.

    Thanks for reading.
    - Devils_Cool
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    I liked this idea, but I didn't disable on your end or set it to who hears it. It it uses a note block that it very quickly creates, uses, and then resets to whatever BlockState was saved.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I'm going to develop it into a more complete plugin, but look how awesome it is so far :)

    Here's the config with the comments that got deleted:
    1. #G, A, B, C, D, E, F
    2. note: F
    3. #0, 1, 2
    4. octave: 1
    5. #flat, natural, sharp
    6. tone: natural
    8. instrument: PIANO

    edit: whoops posted the broken version before, all good now
    edit2: mod will be up on DevBukkit at http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ding/ as soon as it's approved
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    Alright, awesome. I will test this as soon as possible and I'll let you know asap.
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    Devils_Cool Please report any bugs on the BukkitDev page :D
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    kevhog Link is broken, I went to dev to dl. Will be back shortly

    UPDATE: Works Great. I'm lovin' it. Good job. Also, just at of curiosity, is there a way to just recall the audio file and not have to create a noteblock? I'm not familiar with the code, so Idk. I would assume you can't since you probably would have gone that route. I'll be sure to test all the new updates you have with this plugin. Thanks - Devils_Cool
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    Thanks for the feedback :D I never noticed, but the instrument won't change in v1.0, I just uploaded a new version.

    Sadly, there needs to be a noteblock for it to work. And there needs to be a small delay to allow the noteblock to play the note, so I can't prevent the noteblock from being seen for that quarter-second. :I

    As of 12:30AM, here's what I've added:

    * Notifications for chat, players logging in, and players logging in
    * Config sections for chat-self (you hear it when you chat), chat-others, player-login, player-logout
    * /ding command with the following uses:
    ** /ding reload - reloads config files
    ** /ding disable - stop receiving notifications (just for command sender)
    ** /ding disable <type> - stop receiving notifications of <type>
    ** /ding enable and /enable <type> - undoes above commands
    ** /ding note <type> <note> - sets the note of the specified type and reloads config files
    ** /ding tone - same but for tone
    ** /ding instrument - same but for instrument
    ** /ding octave - same but for octave
    ** /ding setenabled <type> <true/false> - enable/disable the specified type (affects all players)

    I'll upload it to BukkitDev tomorrow, once I finish this epic update. :D

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    Bam. Finished, uploaded, approved. You're welcome :)
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    i'll give it a go
    Thanks a bunch!

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