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    A plugin that allows for duplication of a world & co-op.

    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: Duplicator

    What I want: I need a plugin that duplicates an existing world on command. (i.e There is a world in the Minecraft Server folder called "Original," this, upon command, is created in game, without any needed restart.

    I also want the duplicates to be able to reset (please add option in config) ever X day increment. So if I put 30, all duplicates would reset to their original state. You don't need rollback plugins - just delete the world, then create a new copy from the original.

    Also, I want players to be able to co-op. So, when they start on the server, they can request to co-op with another player. I need an option in the config that lets me set MAX_PLAYERS. Meaning I will set how many players can be playing together on the map.

    Also, on creation, it should teleport the person to the spawn of the duplicate. Same for co-op.

    Ideas for commands:
    /create - Creates a copy of Original World (specified in config)
    /coop invite [player] - Invites a player to co-op. If they already have a world and accept, delete their duplicate.
    /coop request [player] - Invites a player to allow you to co-op with them. Deletes your world if they accept.
    /reset - Resets your world to the original state
    /coop deny
    /coop accept

    Ideas for permissions:
    duplicator.player - [All above commands]

    When I'd like it by: Today, preferably. You can hook into Multiverse or any plugin you want.
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    When reading this it sounds familiar to world portal. Have you checked that out?
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    Yes - it doesn't enable duplication, which is a key feature.
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    So you want to be able to duplicate worlds huh, something tells me this is going to be a minecraft hosters enemy plugin, due to creating so many copies.
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    Do you want to copy the empty world (as it was when generated) or with already changes?
    1.st would be easy. Second... well lets say Server hoster wouldn't like having about 3trillion maps, each 200mb-2gb.
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    "My worlds" can do this

    You might need to make an extra script to reset on 30 day mark

    But it definitely can already reset maps on events like "all players left map"

    And yeah you can load/unload/reset this world while servers running.
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    I am the server hoster, and there'd be plenty of space and a limit on worlds. The server has 32 GB RAM w/ SSD. One person can create ONLY one world. And there'd be less worlds due to the fact most would co-op...
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    I could use multiverse, and it would not be able to be ready today, this would take a couple days to make.

    - Would you want the world different every time, or the same?
    - Are there any structures in the world, or would it generated from seed every time be okay?
    - Would you like the world reset every time the players log out, or do they have to leave the world by teleporting out?
    - Is there limited disk space that I would have to factor in?
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    1) No, the same world. It would duplicate an existing world (which I will name).
    2) http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/survival-island-181/
    3) This is a server where players play and build in an adventure map on a stranded island. Ideally, I'd want it to save their position and for them to log on and log out and still have their progress there. So no resets other than the 30 days.
    4) No, but we are looking at a cap of 1000 worlds, with each player ONLY allowed to create ONE world. If they opt out and choose to co-op and had a world, delete it.

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    Would there be a command like
    /coop leave
    that would destroy their world if they left
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    No, that's reset and that restores it to the original.

    Eatzurface is not taking this on so I need someone else to. Thanks.

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  12. I'm currently creating this!
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    Lies! I was asking him for details and he stopped responding.
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    One REALLY GOOD idea for this, is adding a warning when you leave the world that it will be deleted, because if someone got a bunch of diamonds, emeralds, and a couple of other really cool things, put them in a chest, and went over to their friends world, and when they tried to go back, and then realized that their world had been reset, they would get extremely upset, and probably ragequit.
  15. I have completed this, just waiting on DeathVader1337 to reply on skype!
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    Perhaps there will be a feature where one would be able to visit another players' world, but I only want people playing on one world. That could change.

    Also: we'll make it clear that someone would have their world reset if they left to play on another world
  17. I already added that :D
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    I'm also looking for something like this. Is this going to be on bukkit dev?
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