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    Greetings developers.
    Plugin category: Roleplay(?)

    Suggested name: BlotheraTowers

    What I want: This will be a plugin in where if you have a permission, you will be able to a command and a tower will spawn. The tower prices must be configable. This will be a arrow or cannon tower. The towers will shoot at people with the permission for it to do so. So for example. If a miner doesn't have the permission for the tower to attack, the tower will lave them alone. But if say, a DarkArcher has the permission for it to attack, it will.

    Now the diffrence between arrow and cannon towers are that arrow towers will shoot arrows at the person, with a configable rate. And the cannon tower will shoot fireballs at the player at a configable rate.

    The towers will also have a nexus that players with a permissions may destroy to disable the tower.
    The tower then must be repaired by someone with a permission to do so by standing near it and doing a command. This will take up some materials from the players inventory.

    The towers will be premade, so you'll have to contact me on skype for the towers and such.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /tower make [arrowtower/cannontower]
    -/tower repair

    Ideas for permissions:
    - BlotheraTowers.make
    - BlotheraTowers.attack
    - BlotheraTowers.destroy
    - BlotheraTowers.repair

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possable.

    Feel free to contact me on skype at harrybridgen, I will supply with the towers and extra information if needed.

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