For what purposes you use the "LogBlock or BigBrother"?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pomo4ka, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Hello everyone. There are some plug-ins "LogBlock and BigBrother", and many administrators use the them on their servers, but I do not know for what purpose.

    Personally, I have the plugin is "WorldGuard" and any player may defend a territory. And in principle do not need to roll back, as players themselves allow or forbid the use of any action.

    I would like to know, and why you use these plugins?
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    Well I just use logblock to look up who built were. I don't really use them to rollback
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    You have probably a huge database? :)
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    Naa I have it clear it every 10 days(before I started clearing it it had over 1 million rows lol)
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    I would like to know what was the speed with search database records, and their sizein megabytes =)
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    Yea it was slow the database was like 20mb so not to big
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    Have you tried to use "BigBrother"? Perhaps, speed up queries to MySQL faster.
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    Naa I stopped using bigbrother when it was inactive a while back.
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    Thats when I switched to LogBlock, never looked back.

    To answer the question of the OP:
    I use it to identify & rollback griefers.
    I used WorldGuard regions earlier but its so incredible bothersome managing those.
    Now my world is mostly unprotected (I keep a few places like the Spawn pvp free with WG...), it makes the entire server a honey pot for griefers, and I can rollback anything they did.

    After a quick banning spree, months ago, I now have no griefing on my server.
    Simply none. I did got a load of new people, and they all behave very nice, knowing that they found a server where their creations are safe :D.
    Oh, I did had a griefer 2 weeks ago... messed up a little town... fixed in a minute and added a name to the ban list :p.

    Oh, and it makes it easy to find who left a floating tree :D, I fine them so hard for that they will have to mine for gold for hours to recap the loss.
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    You are very well brought up his players on the server, this is a good approach in this way and really you can safely play on the server.

    But the fact that I live in a small town, and we only have a local network, plays Minecraft approximately 200-300 people, but the server online 40-60 people. So I made a selection of regions for any player. But to tell the truth, I was tired every time to clear unwanted areas, such as (124, 1235, and so on). Ban players is not an option, because I lose online, and make sense to implement a server for 5-10 people no sense.

    You have given me very good advice, maybe I'm just going to use the plug LogBlock for the same purpose, and maybe I will get rid of many problems. Thank you.
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    Long roads through my map that would be absolutely SADISTIC to protect via regions.
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    Right clicking with the BigBrother stick is instantaneous and gives me the full history of a block. Currently over 6 million entries in SQL, that's around 750MB.
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    This is very good, thanks for the info. But I still do not know in what order to use this plugin =)
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    We use it to check griefs, and rollback. The databse is currently at 18 million entries, and take up over 2GB, :/
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    I use both in the same database to log everything possible for the last 2 weeks, just in case any player sees an area that's been griefed. It gives me the ability to roll the griefer back and ban them in MCBans. The database size was 898MB and, when I optimized it in phpMyAdmin, it's now 417MB.
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    It is simply unimaginable.
    Tell me how you optimize the database using phpmyadmin?

    Thank you for your feedback.
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    You're welcome. Open phpMyAdmin, click the database's name on the left, click Check All to select all tables, click the drop down that says With selected:, and select Optimize table. Takes a minute and then the database is optimized and much smaller. ;)
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    Oh, thank you very much. I will definitely perform optimization times a week =)
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