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    Hi everyone! I have an idea for Football plugin. Here are video of ball type .
    Plugin category: Fun
    Suggested name: Football+
    What I want: I'd like to see minigame plugin. With this plugin players can play football in minecraft usin BlingBall. 2 teams, which first gains 5 goals winns (configurable), example 5 players in each team (configurable) and time for game, example, max game time 5mins!?
    Other feutures:
    Scoreboards, timing.

    It would be great if there would be join signs too.
    Example of sign (maybe):
    Join !



    It would be greate if ingame players would have not only sticks from video, but example some item which kicks you from game if rightclick. And also in lobby which allows you to select team [blue or red].

    Ideas for commands:
    /fb - Shows all commands
    /fb join [ArenaName] - Join game
    /fb leave - Leave game
    /fb create [ArenaName] - Create arena
    /fb set teamspawn [1,2] - Set spawnpoints for each team.
    /fb set goal [p1,p2] [blue,red] - Set goals with region select, lowest, highest point.
    /fb set maxtime [in mins] - Sets max game time
    /fb set maxgoal [1-10] - Set max goals per game
    /fb set arenaregion [p1,p2] [ArenaName] Set arena region, lowest point, highest point.
    /fb set rewardwin [Money] - Gives winner team $
    /fb set rewardgoal [Money] - Gives extra money for player who get the goal
    /fb set endspawn - Sets spawnpoint on end of game
    /fb set lobbyspawn - Sets spawnpoint of lobby
    /fb team [blue, red] - Select team

    Ideas for permissions: - Shows list of commands.
    football.player - Gives all needed commands for player [ join, leave, sign access, team select ]
    football.creategame - Gives access for all commands that is needed for game creating.

    Thanks for reading! Hope someone will create this!
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    I'm going to try to create this, seems like a nice idea! I'll keep you updated.
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    KrustyLv No need to continue bumping this, woutwoot is working on it and will notify you when he finishes.
    Also to help out other dev's, please mark the thread as "filled" . Thanks
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    I've got a basic (read: buggy) version of this plugin working. Once I think it's tested and operating good enough I'll provide you with a development build.

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