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    Extra Food

    What I want:

    I need a plugin that allows you to add more food.

    This would work by adding items into a config that would look like this:

    <Food Name>
    <Hunger Amount>
    <Item ID>

    Active Example:


    These would be supported with custom models I make on my side.

    When a player right clicks on one of these items, it should make the eating sound and show the particles. If it is possible, allow the food to go up to their head like the vanilla food eating animation.

    Allow for a way to make custom crafting and smelting recipes.

    Makes recipe items as well using the same custom way as the food items.

    If possible, add a way for custom farming as well.

    Ideas for commands:


    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by:

    Whenever possible.

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    I don't think that it is possible to create the food eating animation. What do you mean with "a way for custom farming"?
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    I think you could have those items 'act' like food, as in that they will indeed replenish the food meter. But having them trigger the Minecraft eating animation is impossible, due to it being client-sided. The sound might be possible however, but will likely not be a perfect reproduction of the actual thing.

    Nevertheless, I'd like to attempt making this. But as MightyOne already asked, what do you mean with "a way for custom farming"? Do you mean by that that you can actually farm the custom foods created with the plugin? If so, I doubt that could be done easily, or even be done at all.

    Also, what is the "<Variable>" can be that can be configured with each food item exactly?

    EDIT: Recreating the eating sound is unfortunately impossible, since it is client-sided as well. The 'burp' sound is not, however, so that is still possible.
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