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    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: FoodHungerEdit

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that just adjusts how fast you loose hunger and the hunger gained by eating food/consuming non edible foods.

    Food should "rot" after 3 minecraft days. It should turn into Rotten Flesh named the following
    Name: &4Crow Food
    Lore: &7[&cRotten&7]

    If eaten the player should be given nausea for 10 seconds and remove 4 hunger bars

    Food should change status once every minecraft day and should change regardless of where it has been placed. inventory/chest/shulker box/backpack/etc [If placed in an enderchest, if possible, deny rotting until it is removed again]

    Fresh, stale, and musty food should not be allowed to stack with eachother, but food items that are fresh can stack with fresh and etc.

    Added lore on all non rotten food items should show how old the food is.
    Day one should be "&7[&bFresh&7]"
    Day two should be "&7[&9Stale&7]"
    Day three should be "&7[&1Musty&7]"


    NAME: &aFrog
    LORE1: &7[&aCommon&7]
    LORE2: &7[&9Stale&7]
    [We have custom named items with custom lore. Im unsure if theres a way to set a second line of lore to items? This plugin should not take the first line of lore but the second]

    One hunger bar removed every 2 minutes.
    Running/walking/etc should not bring down hunger. Fighting a user for more than 8 seconds should bring your hunger down by 2.

    Making your hunger bar full by eating should give you strength 1 for 30 seconds. but should give you slowness 1 for 10 seconds as a "you are full" effect.

    Having 0 hunger and eating so your bar is full in under 30 seconds should give you nausea for 5 seconds. [Optional. its not needed but would be cool!]

    F O O D I T E M S
    [All Food Items should restore 5 Hunger][Poison effects from Spider Eye should be removed] [All other consumable food items not listed should give 1 hunger bar and slowness 1]
    [Give only half a hunger bar]
    [You can just make the item disappear and give a hunger bar since dye isn't consumable]
    [Same effects as suspicious stew. Randomized effect given when eaten if possible] [Only gives 3 hunger bars]
    [Gives only 2 Hunger but gives strength 2 for 1 minute]
    Raw_Porkchop [Gives 1 hunger bar and nausea for 5 seconds]
    [Gives 1 hunger bar and gives dolphins grace for 5 seconds]
    [Gives only 2 Hunger but gives strength 2 for 1 minute]

    Ideas for commands:
    /FoodRot Pause

    [Pauses all food from rotting in its current phase until resumed]

    /FoodRot Resume
    [Resumes food rotting]

    Ideas for permissions:
    All players affected by this.
    [Allows user with permission to use the two commands. Users without the permission cannot run the commands]

    When I'd like it by: January 13th at the absolute latest.
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    I am only getting back into programming plugins today but i really want to attempt this. I will keep you updated regularly. Gonna scout this one out a bit more and start !!
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    This plugin sounds interesting, but it takes some time to make it and I don't have time right now, since it's Christmas holiday, probably after.
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    Alright I unfortunately misinterpreted the difficulty (for me) of programming this plugin so I'm going to drop the project and I hope somebody else picks it up soon. Sorry!
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    Aw damn. Alright ^^ Goodluck on future projects!
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    @Gh0stKitty I could potentially do this project. The crux of the project would be the fact that in order for the food to 'age' it would have to be marked with a timestamp of sorts in order to gauge how old it is. This eliminates the need to have to track every bit of food on the server. The only problem with this is, it makes it extremely difficult to pause rotting. It's still doable to pause it though. A timestamp of when rotting was paused could be subtracted from the timestamp of when the food was first interacted with. It would add a little to the complexity of the plugin.

    Basically, if you are okay not having a pause/resume feature, it's not too terribly hard to do. Even if you do, it would still work, it would just take more to do. Just let me know what you think ;)
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    Im totally fine not having the pause/resume! I figured it might be pretty annoying to do anyways
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    @travja Are you interesting on working on the plugin? : o
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    I would love to do it. I'm a little busy right now with various things, so I don't know that I can get it done by the 13th. But I can start work on it and get some things done.
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    Hello there! Just curious if you've had a chance to start yet?
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    @Gh0stKitty I have started! I haven't gotten too far yet, but it's started.

    @Gh0stKitty Upon further development of this plugin, it has become apparent to me that if I allow items to stack, each item won't have its own individual time-scale of decay. Meaning, if I stack one item I got at the beginning of the Minecraft day with one I got at the end, the first should decay the next morning while the 2nd should decay the next evening. However, they would decay together unless I dive a little deeper into some code to create a system to decay separately.

    tldr; 1) I can average food decay. Both items decay at the middle of the times obtained. 2) I can decay at first or last item obtained. 3) I can decay individually. Which would you prefer? Individually may cause problems when a player's inventory is full. I could drop the item on the ground in that case. There's just a lot more layers to it there.

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    Alright nice!
    You could have the newer items that stack with older ones match the older ones decay cycle. Meeting in the middle could easily be abused. ^^
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    Checking in, hows everything going?
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    Unfortunately I haven't gotten very far since last check in. I have a bit on my plate at the moment. I'll continue work. I set up a git repository here that you can check in on if you want.
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    Checking, Do you have an estimate on when this might be completed?
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    I wish I did. I have some other higher priority projects at the moment and I'm in school. I can tell you that most of the infrastructure is there. I just need to implement the specific things for the items.
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    Alright! Take your time <3

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