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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by jullegulle2000, Sep 2, 2017.

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    I always wanted a plugin that can stop flyhackers. I have no idea how to make plugins or code java so i thought i post a request here.
    Heres how i want the plugin to function:
    The plugin shall sort of "allow" the player to use fly. But if the player flies to high up or float in the air it will teleport the player and maybe even run a custom console command that can set the flyhackers rank to "jailed" or something.

    I want the value of how many blocks up in the air a player can be before they get teleported to the jail position and the time they can be floating in the air to be customisable.
    It would also be nice with a customisable message that tells the whole server that "this player has been jailed!"
    The jail position should be customisable. For example: "/flytrap setjail" that will set the teleport location if a player would fly.
    I want as much as possible to be customisable.

    Hopefully this is enough information!

    // Julle ~
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    Just use NoCheatPlus. Done.
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    Im mostly gonna use this on my semi vanilla server. I think nocheatplus is a bit too much and just makes player glitch etc
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    Version?, sorry just wondering.
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    1.12.1, But i could downgrade if needed to 1.12
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    Sorry, was busy and forgot about it. Working on it right now, sorry.
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    Its okay:) Take your time.
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