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    Hello, gonna get straight to the point.

    What I'm looking for is a either a BuyFly plugin or a Flying Potion plugin.

    Flying Potion Plugin
    Awkward Potion + Eye Of Ender = Flying Potion (Duration = 1:30)
    Awkward Potion + Eye Of Ender + Redstone = Flying Potion [Extended] (Duration = 2:30)

    Maybe it doesn't even have to be craftable but spawnable so that it could be sold by admins.


    The server that is requesting this is using Essentials/Player Chest Shops
    I'm not sure how this one would be done but I'm thinking something along these lines
    Buy Fly for a certain set of time like $100 = 5 Minutes of Fly Time.
    Something like that and hope that it could be changed in the files?

    If either are possible could I ask someone to work on this? (No we aren't paying) Just looking for someone who might have some free time to make this.

    Thanks for reading~
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    I will start trying to make it tomorrow.

    I looked at it today, and it is impossible to make a new potion effect. I'm sorry..

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    Not really impossible. Sure you can't add it officially, but you have display names on items and you have an interact event = new items via server.

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