Flying Plugin for OPs [Prefferably using permissions]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jor956, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I need a flying plugin on my server to let OPs fly, hopefully using the permissions system, if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. My skypirates plugin lets you fly on boats, hover and go underwater and has permissions... not sure if that's what you want. Alternatively try bFlight, fly ridge fly, or other such plugins
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    Are there no plugins that you fly controlled using buttons like on the WOM client for classic for example?
  4. Hmmmm... as the WOM client is client-based, it can listen for specific key presses. A bukkit server cannot use those key listeners, so has to rely on another form of input. I guess you could make a plugin that moved you where you were looking.
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    I have magic carpet installed, it's just that it's too laggy, and I'm looking for something other than that
  6. I see. Well, I guess I could try to do the idea I mentioned earlier? However, I'm not really sure of the maths involved in that.
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    Edward Hand

    Its just a bit of trigonometry to convert from spherical polars to cartesians. Easy peasy ^_^

    x += speed * cos(theta)cos(phi)
    y += speed * sin(theta)cos(phi)
    z += speed * sin(phi)

    where phi is your view angle (from horizontal) in the vertical plane and theta is the angle in the horizontal plane.

    I've made flyhacks before. It seems fullwall has given you quite a good list of mods that already allow flying, but if you can explain to me why none of them are what you need then I'd be happy to look into making what you require.
  8. I found those formulas from google after I made that post XD. I think that he wants a more 'natural' like flymod? EG. fly, ridge, fly requires a lot of jumping, my boat plugin requires boats, but he wants just a 'jetpack' type mod.
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    Edward Hand

    The last flying mod I made (a client mod) worked by detecting what item you were holding. Feather made you hover in place, brown mushroom made you fly where you were looking at walking speed. Red mushroom was like warp drive. [​IMG] That allowed you to get fairly smooth control. Sound like the right kind of thing?
  10. Sounds like a plan: will probably make the OP very happy :). Interesting to hear about your flyhack exploits :p. Good luck!
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    I pretty much just need one that is easy to activate, and doesn't really need any items or anything, but it's fine if it is an item, but it's easy to control.
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    Edward Hand

    I've spent the last several hours fighting with this thing and I cannot find any way to allow you to turn in mid air. Flying in straight lines is fine, but bukkit doesn't trigger the PLAYER_MOVE event when players look around so there seems to be no way to capture that information.

    Sorry :(
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    It's ok, I'll just have to find another way
    Thanks for your help
  14. Wouldn't turning around in midair work if you move after you've turned?
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    Edward Hand

    The issue I has was that when you teleport a player you have to set their pitch and yaw to something. In order to make it smooth, you have to teleport them on every tick. When someone is being teleported around, they don't sent PlayerLookMove packets, they just send PlayerLook packets, which dont trigger PLAYER_MOVE right. I couldn't find any way to capture the new angles sent by the client before teleporting them overwrote them.

    Any suggestions you might have would be great though.
  16. Why teleport them? Just set their x,y,z values to your new vector?
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    Edward Hand

    Unless I'm missing something, the only way to move a player using the bukkit methods is with teleportTo, isn't it? I tried setting the position properites in the EntityPlayer class directly and they didn't move at all when I did that.
  18. Ah, I thought there was a velocity method in there somewhere.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 10:39 AM ---
    From looking at the EntityHuman class, you can't change the velocity variables unless you fiddle with the position values, and that could get messy.
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    Edward Hand

    Yeah there is. I was quite optimistic when I saw that. It works for vehicles and things but apparently not for players.
  20. Indeed :/. Guess an issue needs to be submitted.
  21. CraftEntity has a setVelocity() function. You could use that?
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    Could you use something like the boat mentioned earlier. with right clicking(or left click) in a direction to move in that direction?
  23. Fly, ridge, fly.
  24. Edward - with the new PlayerMomentum/Velocity method, any chance of this plugin? I was just thinking about how cool it'd be :p.
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    I'd love it too :D
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    What exactly does this momentum/velocity method achieve?
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    Anyone have any new about this?
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    bump, this sounds like exactly what i have been looking for, a bukkit plugin that make u fly like in fly mod. i hope u guys can work it out.
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