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    Here's my idea for flying boats:

    When the boat is driven off a ledge (ex. waterfall), rather than falling straight down, it will glide forward and slowly downward. The player can adjust direction and speed the same way as would be done in the water.

    This plugin should work for all players, and should not require any commands. It should work on its own as if it was built into default minecraft.

    If you have any questions, let me know here, or add me on my Skype: BikBoii
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    Dont we have flying pigs for that?
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    I think i'll will try that :p
    sounds really nice :D


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    We should if we don't XD
    Thanks! I'm hoping that at the end of my spawn, players can buy a boat, and sail off a waterfall to wherever they want in the wild.
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    Well i nearly got it :D
    it's really funny to fly around with boats :p

    i'll just finish the first working version and then i'll post it here so you can test if you want :D
    Also add me on skype if you want: derhixxer
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    Awesome! You have no idea how much this plugin will help with my server, thanks again! Also, I added you on skype :D
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    I actually have a old plugin i made some time ago that lets you fly around in boats lets you change the height and speed of which you travel to.
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    Does the boat fly forward constantly? Or does it slowly glide down to the ground?
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    it doesnt fly forward constantly and it stays at the height you give it.
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    Do you think that you might be able to modify it to make the boat slowly go down?
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    take mine ;)

    first video.. i will also change some things ;)

    EDIT: i dont have any skype requests... :/

    derhixxer is my name
  12. I hate dubstep when i'm flying boats. I play this song called, I'M ON A BOAT.

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