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    Name: FlyBoats

    Category: Mechanics

    Description: I would like to have boats that can fly if you have a key. The key would be crafted, and when it is right clicked in a boat it will turn the boat into a flying vehicle. The flying would be controlled by the mouse movement, and when you right click again with a key, it will stop the engine of the boat. The boats will need to have fuel (coal) to upgrade the speed, and you upgrade by right clicking the fuel while in the vehicle. In the configuration file, you can change the max speed or how much fuel (coal) is needed to upgrade the speed.


    /flyboat givekey - Gives a key to the player. (Admin command)
    /flyboat stop - Stops all currently running flying vehicles (Admin command)
    /flyboat reload - (optional) Reloads config file

    flyboat.admin - Allows use of Admin commands - Allows the ability to fly a boat

    When I want it: No time limit here :)
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    No problem :)

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