Flowers Material enum values 1.12.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Kevinzuman22, Jan 12, 2019.

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    I've been scrolling through all enum values of Material, but it's all differently named. Does anyone know the Material enum values of all the flowers? The data values I know, it's just that I just can't find the actual Materials for them.

    I need the values for 1.12.2 of these items/blocks:
    - Sunflower
    - Dandelion
    - Poppy
    - (Orange) Tulip
    - Large Fern
    - Double Tall Grass
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    @Kevinzuman22 I think this should work.
    Sunflower = Material.DOUBLE_PLANT
    Dandelion = Material.YELLOW_FLOWER
    Poppy = Material.RED_ROSE
    Tulip = Material.RED_ROSE (Orange = durability 5)
    Large Fern = Material.DOUBLE_PLANT (Large Fern = durability 3)
    Double Tall Grass = Material.DOUBLE_PLANT (Double Tall Grass = durability 2)

    I haven't tried them but from what i could find this should be it.
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