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    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Flowering

    What I want: I'd like a plugin which allows a user to do a command which plants flowers in a certain radius (square preferably) I would like it to be completely random with which flowers spawn (I don't want tallgrass to be considered a flower); if you could make the percentages configurable that would be even better. All the flowers that spawn can only be on the same level that the player did the command on, and only spawn the flowers on grass.

    If it is easier to make the radius a circle then that's fine.

    Ideas for commands:

    /flowering <radius>
    /flowering reload #to update percentages maybe

    Ideas for permissions:
    flowering.use #to allow a person to use the command
    flowering.use.limit.<number> #the max radius a certain person can flower

    When I'd like it by: I'm in no rush so anytime really but preferably in the next week or so.

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    I've done this. Here.
    I would suggest you read the following after installing the plugin:

    Configuration (open)
    The format of the config is as follows:
            37#0: 1
            38#0: 1
            38#1: 1
            38#2: 1
            38#3: 1
            38#4: 1
            38#5: 1
            38#6: 1
            38#7: 1
            38#8: 1
            175#9: 1
            175#10: 1
            175#3: 1
            175#12: 1
            175#13: 1
    This works on Item ID's; (To any developers reading, I understand that they are deprecated but flowers in 1.12.2 don't have a unique Material Enum; this was the only way I found for it to work)I couldn't find any documentation for this version that supported the new flower types, and hence the item ID's.

    The format of the list is:

    Item ID#Item Data: Chance that it will spawn (whole number, I.E: No decimals)

    The configuration file should automatically generate when you first run the plugin; but you will have to add your own values.

    Only items that are in the flowers list will be spawned, you can also add AIR to the list, (item ID of 0) to allow for gaps between flowers.

    Two tall flowers are half supported, as in they will spawn only half of their usual height, and sunflowers don't work at all as I could not find a way to fix them.

    Commands + Permissions (open)

    Player must have flowering.use to use any command listed

    I would maybe suggest you don't have a radius greater than 500, it causes quite an amount of lag.
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    Could you paste your Flowers.yml file

    (Doesn't do the same for me, so I'm guessing this is the only thing that could be wrong)

    EDIT: Think I figured out what the issue was, I forgot to add a check, my bad. Here is the update.
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    @CraftCreeper6 It finally works! Only problem is the flowering reload command not working, but other than that everything works fine.
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    You have to reload the server before the flowering reload works, it's some weird feature of bukkit configs, I couldn't get it to work for whatever reason.
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