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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by treestompz, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to create floating signs? I know you can use the block ID 36 (moving piston) which looks invisible, but if a player right clicks it (even without the ability to build) the block breaks.

    On the popular ShotBow server, they have floating signs:



    Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

    Thanks in advance,
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    block.setTypeIdAndData(int type, byte data, boolean applyPhysics)

    If you don't apply physics, it should work.
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    Thanks for the reply. I am a bit confused on how to use this though (I'm new.) How would I go about making a specific sign in a specific area with specific text float? Do I specify the location of an already made sign and then use this method?
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    I've never experienced this. Are you sure?
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    I could very well be mistaken(I was always pretty sure of this.) Let me double check on my server right now.

    Tirelessly Yea, they break regardless of protection :p

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    No, I'm pretty sure I've seen this done before, IDK how though.
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    I've used them before in my server and never experienced that. I used them in 1.2.5 in a heavily clicked area - has something changed? Maybe you're using a plugin that lets you break them.
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    There is a way you can do this with worldedit with two floating signs back-to-back just put the back-sign-on a block.

    Step 1 Arrange 2 blocks like this with a 1 block gap between them and the floor(so they are floating)
    Step 2 Put a sign on the back one.
    Step 3 Put a sign with the desired text on the front one as shown below.
    Step 4 Select position 1 + 2 on the sign with text on it.
    Step 5 Destroy the 2 blocks in the floor, stand in the one under the sign you selected and type //copy then stand under the block and type //paste! (almost there)
    Step 6 Destroy the unwanted sign and block + Voila a floating sign!

    PS: if the images aren't showing up just right-click > View Image
    Hope this helps you out,

    StyL TwisT
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        public void BlockPhysics(BlockPhysicsEvent e){
            if (e.getBlock().getTypeId() == Material.SIGN.getId()){
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    I have worked it out...
    (Only if you have world edit)

    Make the sign on a wall with any text you want,

    Then type //wand, then right click and then left click to select it and the //copy while standing underneath, then go stand where you want the sign and then //paste

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    Using worldguard, you can /stoplag and place 2 signs on top of eachother, or place it on a block in the air.
    then break the blocks and type /stoplag -c.
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    That was quite an awfully large bump :p (Also this has been marked "Solved" so he / she no longer needs help!)
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