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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mcat95, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I'm developing a plugin which needs a falling sand "disguised" as another block.
    I want that entity to have name, but I think is not possible so I spawned an invisible chicken with name and set him as passenger.

    My problem comes when I try to keep the falling sand floating without moving or moving slowly up and down. I've tried with setVelocity and a timer but I can't get it working

    Do you know of any solution to this?
    Thanks, Mcat.


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    Bump ;).
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    Necropost much? It's okay i guess since this issue was never solved.
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    I had a go at this a while back, and hit the same problem. Even with a repeating task which sets the "floating" block's velocity to 0, the client still thinks it's a falling block and continually updates its position downwards, so it ends up jittering around. Never did find an ideal solution, sadly.
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    Instead of a zero velocity, have you tried setting a velocity with a negative y so it counteracts gravity? I'm guessing it'll still jitter no matter what you do, though.
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    Yeah, tried a few different things - no luck in getting the client to keep it still, though. I suspect it may not be possible without a client mod, though I'd love to be proved wrong.
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    I believe block 36 (Material.PISTON_MOVING_PIECE) has some interesting effects with FallingBlock entities.

    If you have a FallingBlock hit the ground, with a solid block beneath so that the FallingBlock would normally turn into its solid form, if the block that it would replace is Block 36 instead of air, it will stay in its FallingBlock form.

    This does only work if there is a solid block beneath, however. If you want it 'hovering,' you might be able to use one of the door bottom blocks (when they are placed alone, they have a hitbox but they do not render, and are see-through) to act as a solid block, and place Block 36 ontop of that door part, and then spawn the FallingBlock above that.
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