Flint and Steel Problem

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Skify, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Hello, I have this code where it's suppose to only be able to use a flint and steel 3 times. But after the 3rd time, the player still has the item, when they place it, it just disappears. I need help with making it only 3 time use and would be gone from the player's hand. I think that was wrong English. :)
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    You can try storing the an Integer using Reflections, then just check the Integer.
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    You could make it so that the durability goes down a certain amount after every use, and on the final use, you get their inventory and take away the flint and steel.
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    So every use, subtract 21.3 of durability if I wanted as 3 charges? Since I believe fns durability starts from 64.
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    @Skify Or just listen for a player interact event, wait does it trigger block place event? Then remove the flint and steel if the durability is lower than 62
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    One way you could do it is storing a HashMap with all the uses of flint and steel, and prevent usage of it after the value of the key (the player UUID, name, or object) is over 3.
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    Essentially, yes.
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