Flatmap, Bukkit, Minecraft 1.1 Tutorial and Client Fog Update!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GravelSocks, Jan 17, 2012.

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    So...since Minecraft 1.1 now supports "SuperFlat" mode, I wanted to create a flat map in SMP for my players, but it wasn't immediately obvious how to do it. I use Multiverse, and my first inclination was to go that route, but the latest Multiverse plugin does not yet recognize the "FLAT" world type for /mv create available in MC1.1. I'm sure it will be added in the future, but I didn't want to wait. Sooo, I hit the Minecraft Wiki to read up on SuperFlat mode and found the clue I needed pointing to the server.properties file (very helpful). As it turns out, the best and quickest solution for me was a combination of manipulating server.properties, using multiverse, and just rebooting the server and letting minecraft do its thing.

    To create a MC1.1-based "superflat" map in SMP with Bukkit, I did the following:
    1. Stop the Craftbukkit Server
    2. Update to a current CB 1.1 build (not yet released, of course). At the moment, I am using build #1769 from ci.bukkit.org.
    3. Install the latest version of the Multiverse plugins from dev.bukkit.org, if you don't already use it or have a different multi-world setup. I already use Multiverse and have numerous worlds on my server, so I was all set. I just updated it to stay current.
    4. Edit the server.properties file as follows:
    - change the world type from DEFAULT to FLAT
    - enter a new/unused and descriptive world name, such as FlatAndHappy
    - save and close the server.properties file
    5. Restart the bukkit server - this will create your new flat world automatically (you can see the creation and render status at console boot time). It's always a good idea to watch for plugin errors, esp. booting bleeding edge 1.1 CB and address anything that arises. You will also notice that the server creates flat NETHER and END variants in addition to the main world. So, portals will work, etc. The more the merrier.
    6. Launch a client and connect to your server, you will be deposited in your new flat world and notice that it is filled with slimes, animals, npc villages and the mysteriously creepy npc villagers.

    OK - so far, so good, but I wanted a clean build world with no slimes, etc. This is where the Multiverse plugin is incredibly useful, even without supporting flat mode.

    7. Go back to your console and stop the server again.
    8. Now that you have created your flat world, you can revert the server.properties in your main server directory file back to DEFAULT and whatever default world name you want. The flat world will still work fine. Note - with Multiverse, switching worlds is easy - you just type /mv tp [worldname] and you go to the spawn point for that world.
    9. Go into your plugins folder and do the following:
    - update your non-admin/mod player permissions for Multiverse (adding the new flat world) and also updating other permissions - such as those for game mode switchers...or any other nodes that you want to be world-specific
    - Go into the Multiverse plugin folder and edit your worlds.yml file for the new flat worlds that appear at the end of the file. For example, you can turn off animals and mobs to get rid of all the annoying slimes that spawn in SuperFlat mode. NOTE: You will see that the world type for the main flat world is NORMAL instead of FLAT. Don't worry about - it will still work OK. When Multiverse updates to support FLAT, I will probably update that setting, but OK for now.
    10. Restart the server and you're all set - with a combination of editing the server.properties file, rebooting the server, and using a multiworld plugin such as Multiverse, you have a great superflat world setup that was quick and easy to create that is slime, animal and distraction free!


    When I did this yesterday, I noticed that my flat world still had fog and was kind of dark. It looks like that is still an intermittent problem. It was fine earlier, but now the fog is back - not sure why. I guess we have to wait for an update for this issue. (I just grabbed a screenshot and fog was gone again - so there is obviously some issue...).

    There are multiple ways to create flat worlds - for example, you can generate one in single-player mode and move the map to SMP, and do other manual updating, etc., but the above was fairly easy and all done automatically within the context of CraftBukkit SMP without having to screw around with map gymnastics.

    I hope you find this info helpful in creating your own SuperFlat worlds in MC1.1/CB17xx+-1.1 with Multiverse or similar multi-world plugins.


    Here is what it looks like:

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    I figured out a simple work-around to remove void fog in SuperFlat mode (for now, until there is a bug fix in minecraft or maybe FLAT support in multiverse - not really sure where the problem is coming from).

    Here's what to do:
    1. Warp or /mv tp (multiverse teleport command) to your SuperFlat world
    2. Exit out of your multi-player server session back to the main minecraft application window
    3. Re-connect to your multi-player server

    You will be deposited back in your SuperFlat world (where you left off), the void fog will be gone and during the minecraft day, it should be bright and sunny.
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    By the way, in terms of survival mode, there is a comment in the wiki about there being saplings in village Smithy chests, and I have found that to be the case in the current version. So, even though there is only bedrock dirt and grass, wood is possible in flatland survival without resorting to village tear-down, which may be necessary for other materials, like cobblestone.
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    It appears that some recent client update has fixed the VOID FOG issue in FLAT MODE. So, when you go to your flatland from somewhere else (ie. /mv tp myflatworld), you no longer have to log out and log back in again to get rid of void fog as described in my earlier post.
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    One of the recent CB updates said something about fixing the wrong world type being sent to the client, which would mean that the FLAT void fog rules wouldn't apply, I think.
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    I see. It was in release #1852 on 01-Feb-2012 . I'm running 1.1-R4 and that change is included in the released R4 and would seem to make sense. So, I guess that's what fixed it, since the problem occurred on cross-world teleports to flat worlds, but not on log in to the same (flat) world. I didn't notice exactly when it changed. Thx!

    Also, it looks like the new version of Multiverse-Core (2.3-AB) now supports flat world creation. So, by all appearances, Minecraft is now FLAT and HAPPY. ^_^
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