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Discussion in 'Resources' started by narrowtux, Apr 18, 2011.

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    I made a Configuration reader class for flatfile formats if you don't like YAML or don't want to use a complex XML-Parser.

    An example for a flatfile configuration file:
    #Next is a string
    Hello=I welcome you
    #this is an integer
    #this is a boolean
    The FlatFileReader Class parses this type of configuration and provides a key-based access to the values.

    To read values from the file, create a new Instance of the FlatFileReader:
    //FlatFileReader(File file, boolean caseSensitive)
    reader = new FlatFileReader(new File("path/to/config.cfg"), true);
    The second argument decides if the file should be read case-sensitive or not.

    After that, you can read all the values by these methods:
    • String getString(String key, String fallback)
    • int getInteger(String key, int fallback)
    • double getDouble(String key, double fallback)
    • float getFloat(String key, float fallback)
    • boolean getBoolean(String key, boolean fallback)
    As you can see, all the methods require the key and also a fallback. The fallback-value is returned when the key hasn't been found or the conversion from to the specific datatype has failed.

    For the example above, the file could be parsed like this:
    String hello = reader.getString("Hello", "Hello World");
    int count = reader.getInteger("count", 2);
    boolean selfDestruct = reader.getBoolean("selfdestruct", false);
    You can get the source of the file here:
    View Source
    Download .java

    You can always ask me to add new datatypes, if they are generic enough. You are also free to modify the file if you want to.
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    thank you this is just what i need for my plug in

    @narrowtux could you possibly add a way to save values to a file

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    Good idea, I can do that in some days after I come back from a vacation. This would remove all user-made comments, though.
    Also, I plan to implement the method Material getMaterial(String key, Material fallback);
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    not a problem when my flat file should only be read by plugins
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    @narrowtux Just 1 question (it seems good by the way)
    1. Does it generate the configuration file?
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    Not at the moment ;)
  7. Its a cool reader class Thank you! Could you add the config writer? So if we change a value by command it can be written to the config file without changing other values?! :) Thank you anyways! :D
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    I abandoned this thread after a while, because I put this (and more awesome stuff) into the NarrowtuxLib. You can find this class there (it also generates then).
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    Github 404'd. I guess this should be considered inactive.
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