[FIXES] NaturalHumans v0.4 - Naturally spawning and more! [1060]

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    NaturalHumans - Drops, natural spawning, and more!
    Version: 0.4delta (What does delta mean? I don't know.)
    Authors: @steaks4uce


    Note: Read the text file included in the zip, if you ask a question that is answered
    in that, I will not be helping you (at least concerning that question). Aditionally,
    whenever updating, delete your previous configuration for maximum experience.

    About this plugin: This plugin allows Humans to naturally spawn throughout the world,
    they are passive creatures, even when hit, although this can be changed in the
    configuration. They can also drop items. Which can be specified in the configuration
    along with chances and amount. They also spawn wether it be day or night (going to make
    this configurable).

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20607155/NaturalHumans.zip
    Source Code: This isn't anything major, but if you want it then just send me a private message.

    Changelog: (Version 0.1delta): Added spawning of humans and added passive mode.
    Version 0.2delta: Added drops, drop amounts, and drop chances, along with configuration.
    Version 0.2delta (silent): Fixed false death causing double item drops.
    Version 0.3delta: Added grouping rate (which can only slightly control the amount).
    Version 0.4delta: Removed group-rate, added internal measures to avoid large clusters.
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    :D Bukkit dev ?
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    Steaks, awesome as usual!
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    hmm i set the spawn chance to 99 and still none spawning

    nevermind. this is amazing! thanks!

    oh you didnt make it so its configurable where they spawn in day/night/both

    and problem. when they spawn. they are in a row and then spread out from bumping into eachother. just like spawnmob <mob> <amount>
    also can you make it so you can configure the amount of humans spawn in a group?

    sorry but another problem.
    all of them follow you the exact same way
    and they keep bumping into you . they wont stop following you if you stop

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    If they are following you, that means they are attacking you (and you have god mode on if they aren't doning any damage).
    All mobs spawn this way, they spawn around you but make sure they are out of your field of sight. They should ungroup pretty quickly though. And yes, I'll add an amount.
    I said I would in the original post. Thanks!

    Update 0.3delta is live!
    Adds group rate controller (controls how many spawn but note: this is approx. and not 100% accurate all the time because of how Minecraft spawns mobs. Allowed values are 1-5).

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    Sounds great, bookmarked, and will check progress state. Since 1.8 per-release is out, I'll have to wait!
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    Update 0.4delta is live!
    Removed "group-rate" system, delete your configurations! The group control system is now controlled internally to avoid hassles and glitches.

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    As unreal as this may sound, would it be possible for them to spawn with certain armor / weapons?

    GJ on .4! :)
  10. Is it possible for the spawning Humans to carry weapons, armor or any visual on them?
    And by configuration am I then able to make them hostile or even make it random if they are hostile or not?
  11. Nice, works perfectly. Really nice.
    Can you add more configurations?
    Damage change of monster
    Hp change of monster
    Mby SKIN change of monster?
    Add weapon in hand ?
    add armor that they wear?
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    I cannot make them have special skins, armor, or weapons. (sorry)
    I will add a setting to customize their health and damage.
    They can either be friendly (all the time) or mean (all the time). This is because of what code of them is left in Minecraft.
  13. can you lmk when u update to health , damage and perhaps more drop possibilities?
    what is the smallest chance to spawn these? i got 10 and i set it to 4 and started to rain errors :D
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    Is it possible to make them passive until attacked? Like daytime spiders.
  15. seriously no updates? chance spawn: 1 -> works, 2-4 not working. 5 -> works and 6-9 not working and again 10 works..WTF

    also 1: 0 spawnings, 5: 2 much spawning, 10: EVEN MORE SPAWNING.
    come on!! FIX UR PLUGIN :D
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    SERIOUSLY? Like yeah!
    Well, I have other things to attend to (like life and HerobrineUnleashed).
    The bug you are having is simple, do you have hostile mobs disabled?

    Update information! 0.5delta [DEV]
    I am adding the following...
    • Chance that they spawn hostile (configurable)
    • Passive until attacked

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  17. ok so now theyre neutral UNTIL attacked? and has chance to be hostile?
    Next: what about the spawn rates? spawnrate 1 wont give monsters at all, 5 gives 2 much :D
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    Thats not released, can't you read? Additionally, on the topic of reading, read the notice it gives you in the zip.
  19. i know its not released , just saying
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    Wow, this plugin seems like it will be fun....
    Maybe you should make an option in the config file where the Humans are passive, and only go hostile when they are attacked....
    It would also be pretty funny if all the humans tried to kill Creepers and Endermen and whatnot...
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    What's wrong with bukkit dev?
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    I guess I'm a tardbucket but I can't get it to work. Loaded it on my test server and it doesn't spawn any humans.
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    Whats right with it?
    Send me a pm with your config, server.properties, and server.log.
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    That's a stupid answer.

    But that's fine, keep your issues with bukkitDev to yourself. I don't want to hear any more from you anyway.
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    +1 for anti bukkit dev :)
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    Requesting update.
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    why cant this work for 1.8
  28. I cant see any humans in my world <=(
    how does it spawn more
    and how can i spawn them??
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    By reading the big red letters on the OP.

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