[FIXES/MISC] ClimbVines v0.1 - Climb them Indiana Jones style! [1337]

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    ClimbVines 0.1 - Climb them Indiana Jones style!
    Credits: @Intelli for the player velocity.

    About this plugin: It's fairly simple, walking into a vine allows you to climb it, much like ladders.
    However, these don't let you go back down. But this also means that you can no longer walk through vines.

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20607155/ClimbVines.jar
    Source code: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/co...e-under-50-challenge.33264/page-3#post-768600
    Under 50 Approved: Under 50 is a type of plugin by @codename_B that is coded in 50 lines or less.

    Changelog (v0.1): Initial release and bug fixes, and probably only release unless bugs arise.
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    Please submit the project to BukkitDev and include the link in the first post.
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    Nice :D I have always been wanting to do this.
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    how did you pull this off?did you just make it so that when you touch a vine it changes it into a ladder????or what?

    good job btw
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    It's a good thing i made him do this then! xD
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    Nice plugin, thanks.
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    Looked at the source, it changes the player velocity if they're standing on a vine.

    Pretty smart idea, nice plugin!
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    Thanks! The original source code was developed by @Intelli but his didn't work correctly at all, so I figured to update it to, made it under 50 lines, and released it. And yes that basically is what it does, and the source is in the main post :D, thanks!


    Source code is up in the original post if it isn't to late :D

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    ye i saw it now...i've got to say i had the idea to do something like this in pre-release for 1.8 lol but i could never get it to work...you sir have outdone yourself! good job
  11. Rather than let them work like ladders(Forawrd to climb), why not let them act like water(spaaaaaace to float up). This way, you can walk through them, climb them up and even can change the position where you are climbing.

    This is just my suggestion, I'm also fine with it how its now.
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    That's a good idea.
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    That is a good idea/suggestion. Or if that doesn't work u can make it sow: u can only climb vines when these are placed to a wall. If not, u can walk through vines.
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  17. Tha
    thats really cool. But is there no way to let you toggle on/off climbing ability for vines? I was thinking that you could only climb vines while sneaking, and when your not sneaking then you could walk through them as normal.
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    ^ Hmm.. Actually that would make sense, since climbing vines would be "harder" than a ladder.
  19. yes but also not being able to move through vines would get very annoying.
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    Yes it would.
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    Are you supposed to climb vines automatically with this plugin? If it didn't do that this would actually be a rather nice plugin.
    Would Spout be of any use in making it behave more like actual ladders? (or like someone said earlier, space instead of up to climb)
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    Congratulations! you are a genius!

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