[FIX] RespawnLocationFix - Stop that annoying teleport up glitch [1.1-R4]

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    Version: v1.0


    This plugin fixes the glitch where sometimes a player teleports up after logging out and rejoining a server, due to Minecraft incorrectly thinking the player is in a bad spot.

    I was playing on a hardcore death-ban server, and someone logged out in the nether. When they came back, they were teleported up above their tunnel and into lava, getting killed and banned. I figured I could prevent such woe from happening to others.

    Checkout the BukkitDev page!

    • Fixes glitch where player teleports up upon Minecraft thinking player is in a bad spot
    • The plugin does it's own check of if the spot the player was in is safe, allowing the player to spawn in Rails, doors, trapdoors, etc - all places they could walk into anyways
    • Still allows for spawning in water/lava, as is normal in the game. Allows for traps.
    • If it deems the area occupied by blocks, then it teleports them up to next open surface like normal.

    Source Code in jar

    Version 1
    • Release
    • Suggest things!
    • Searching for a safe spot at same level around the player
    • Placing of a glass block below player if they are forced to teleport up upon spawn if there is lava under them.
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    Nice ill try it what i've been looking for does it fix first time spawners?
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    I hope you and others will understand it what the plugin actually does, but no it won't.

    This is for fixing players locations when they come back in to the server after logging out in a possibly glitched location. I assume spawns won't be in an area that causes it to run. They shouldn't be, at least. But it logs location on leaving, anytime after first spawn it will work just fine.
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    Sounds cool , but "source code in jar"... there isnt a way to open a jar on a mac, at least to my knowledge.
  5. Rename it to .zip and then it'll work for you
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    Thanks :)
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    Bukkit now includes this as a bukkit.yml option, If you wish too keep this please update to R7 and let me know
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    If it's fixed, then there's no reason to keep it around. Go ahead and delete it.
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    Ill move it to inactive

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