[FIX] NOX - AntiXRay that actually works! [Spout][1060]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by zonedabone, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Ok. I've started work on an antixray plugin that uses spout's packet listeners and a modified chunk snapshot class to remove packets from chunk data that is sent to users. You're probably swearing at me telling me that this has already been done before here. However, my plugin is different, because it does not require a mod to the server jar. It's not quite ready for distribution, because It only has some basic features, but once I add a few filters I'll upload it.
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    Can i be a alpha tester?
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    But but.. That plugin also did a spout version without modifications to the minecraft_server.jar file.
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    You make me sad.
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    Cosmic Break

    unless you can find a way to make it use fewer resources, then theres not much need for this. since they do have a spout version.

    maybe you can have it only look for certain blocks? like diamond/gold/iron. since those are the most valuable?

    or have it hide chests?
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    The plugin linked above also hides chests and you can select which blocks are hidden ;)
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    You guys all make me sad. =(
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    I like this!
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    Lol shut up. =(
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    Not you being sad. The anti Xray xD
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    Oh. Well, considering that this has been done I'm going closed source with it and doing EVIL stuff with it. =P
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    It's never closed source really though :p
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    Lol. Yeah. I doubt anyone would take the time to reverse engineer something like this, though, considering there is another one available.
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    It doesn't take a genius Unfortunately -> http://java.decompiler.free.fr/?q=jdgui
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    I know. jd is the best thing to come to minecraft since minecraft. Just saying there'd be no point since there's a plugin already released that does it.
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    cough :p
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    There is really no point doing this as there are lots of plugins like this. But it's your decision
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    This was posted in August.
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    OH didnt see the date. My bad
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