Inactive [FIX] NoSuffixedKill v1.2 - Disable the hidden suicide command [1.2.4-R1]

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    NoSuffixedKill - Disable the hidden suicide command (it's a Notch bug; read below)
    Version: 1.2

    There is a bug in Minecraft (not Bukkit) that allows the /kill command to be executed by anyone and without a way to detect or block it, simply by adding a string at the end of the command name. It doesn't output anything to the console and it doesn't get passed on to Permissions so it can't be blocked. Go on any Minecraft server and type /killyourmom or /killthepresident to reproduce this bug. There are players who go in servers and advertise this to cause harm.

    If you have a strict PvP server like mine then you must find this bug unacceptable. This plugin disables all commands that start with /kill, but not /kill itself as it is properly handled.

    Thanks A BUNCH to the people in the Bukkit IRC, I couldn't have pinpointed the cause of this issue or written the plugin itself without their kind guidance since I had never written a plugin or even used Java before. I love you guys! :D

    There's no config or anything, just put the JAR in your plugins folder and voila. At least on my server. Please let me know if you have any problems with this! I'll post the source code if anyone asks for it, but frankly if you're smart enough to want it then you must know how to do this in a tenth of the time it took me, haha.

    • Disables the glitch where an user can type /killa or /killblahblahblah to commit suicide regardless of permissions to the /kill command.
    • Also prevents suffixed run of /stop. This one may have been fixed by Bukkit but I'm not sure. The feature is still there. :)
    DOWNLOAD HERE (my website; wget friendly)
    DOWNLOAD HERE (MediaFire mirror)
    See the related forum thread

    • [03/30/12] Version 1.2:
      • Updated to CraftBukkit 1.2.4-R1
      • Removed /help support (because it doesn't let you see help pages... plus who wants to disable /help that badly anyways? Haha)
    • [03/05/12] Version 1.1:
      • Updated to CraftBukkit beta 1.2.3
      • Now supports /stop and /help as well. Thanks for the idea ferrybig !
      • Fixed the main link on here. Sorry about that!
    • [07/18/11] Version 1.02: Updated to CraftBukkit #1000.
    • [07/12/11] Added a wget-friendly (static) link. Thanks for the idea Asphodan !
    • [07/05/11] Version 1.01: Updated to CraftBukkit #953.
    • [06/25/11] Version 1.0: Initial release. (I ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT.)
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    There ya go, boss. :D

    The JAR file is smaller. Is this normal? I did test it of course, and it works fine.
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    Please work on getting a wget friendly link. Just incase you're not sure, it's a link that leads directly to your latest .jar, without any intermediate downloads.

    This allows for us to download directly to the server, without downloading it, unzipping, and reuploading.
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    Don't work :(

    No errors .. just don't work.

    #2011-06-12 10:29:15
    #Server info:
    Server name - [GER] FreeMiner
    Server port - 25565
    Minecraft version - 1.7.2
    Bukkit build - 953
    Bukkit version - git-Bukkit-0.0.0-904-g9277096-b953jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    #Plugins info:
    AfkKick - 1.4
    BananaChunk - 4.6
    CommandBook - 1.5.2
    CraftBukkitUpToDate - 2.5.6
    creaturebox - 0.7.4
    DropPlugin - 2.1
    FalseBookBlock - 0.86.2alpha
    FalseBookCart - 0.86.2alpha
    FalseBookCore - 0.86.2alpha
    FalseBookExtra - 0.86.2alpha
    FalseBookIC - 0.86.2alpha
    FirstJoin - 1.3
    Flup_p1 - 1.7.2
    GravelClay - 1.3
    HeroicDeath -
    HeroSpawn - 0.2
    HomeX - 0.6
    iChat - 2.3.1
    LogBlock - 1.21
    LogBlockQuestioner - 0.02
    LWC - 3.3
    mcMMO - 1.0.34
    MessageChanger - 1.0
    MinecraftViewer - 1.0c
    MyWarp - 2.0
    NaturalGiants - 1.3
    NoSuffixedKill - 1.01
    NoWeather - 1.5
    Permissions - 3.1.5
    Pigasus - 0.1
    PluginInfo - 0.1.3
    RandomPort - 1.0
    SimpleReserve - 0.2.6
    SimpleTips - 0.5
    SpongeRestore - 1.1
    StarterKit - 0.4a
    Tables - 0.4.1
    TimeAnnounce - 1.1
    TimeFold - 0.4.2
    TimeRank - 0.1.0b
    TKeepGrowing - 0.1.5
    Tombstone - 1.3.0
    TreeAssist - 1.1
    Vanilla - 0.1
    WorldEdit - 4.6
    WorldGuard - 5.2.2
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    I host a web server... I don't know why I used MediaFire; it's such a small file. Thanks for the idea. :p

    Could you please be more specific? What happens when you type /killa in-game?
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    /help has this kind of glitch also, if you are op and do /helpsomething it should show you the default console /help
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    i use this bug to get out of other bugs, like if u get stuck in a hole/block and u cant get out becaause u cant break the block.... and on my server i tried /kill with out a suffix and i died.... can u explain that? Plugins:craftbook,(mechanisims) lockette, rtriggers, spawncontrol
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    I'm sure all the vanilla commands have this problem, but they're not as bad as /kill because it doesn't affect the player. I mean it's just the vanilla help. :D

    Do you have my plugin installed? This only blocks /kill with a suffix, you have to disable the regular /kill with some permissions system. :p
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    um ur plugins not installed... but i still wonder why /kill works even without permissions
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    Maybe because u are an op?
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    You have to leave the ops.txt file empty if you're gonna use Permissions. Many plugins (including Bukkit itself) ignore permissions nodes for vanilla OPs. :p
  13. make it also work for the /stop command, I typed /stoplga instead /stoplag and the server closed. if you plugin had that prevention, I would use it.
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    Well, the /stop and /help commands with suffixes are automatically disabled in the latest Bukkit unless you're an op. /kill is the one with the problem. :p
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    can this be updated to latest beta?
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    Yes... I'm not really a Java or plugin dev and I kinda forgot how to set up Eclipse for Bukkit, but I need this for my server badly so, expect it later today or tomorrow. :D

    EDIT: was easier than I expected! There we go, version 1.1 compatible with the latest 1.2.3 beta! :D
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    Leo.. You're my hero.... lol.


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    And you're my hero, BT! Haha :D
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    I'm having some issues with this plugin... Its not letting me do /help 2, 3, 4.

    It is saying in the console [INFO] [NoSuffixedKill] Canceled command: /help 2

    i don't think this is a plugin issue but if you need me to post my CB version let me know.
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    I really like this, my brother tried to stop the Rain and typed /stop rain, my Server got Shutdownd, but now that cannot happen :) Diamonds to you! [diamond][diamond][diamond]

    [EDIT] But you should enable /help with a number after it, like /help 2, i have much Pages of Help, but i have to Disable this Plugin to get trought the Pages.

    Please Fix that :)
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    I was having the same problem, LOL! Sorry guys, I should have foreseen this. Updated the plugin to remove /help and also linked against 1.2.4 API. Thanks for the feedback! :D
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    This Problem is already solved in 1.2.5, you dont have to support this anymore, sorry :/
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    I saw! About time they fixed this most annoying effect, huh? :D
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    Not if you suffix the command. Go on a server with /kill disabled by permissions and type /killabc. Well, a 1.2.4 or below server. :)
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    I try it with 1.2.4-R1 and the built-in permissions works with and without suffix the command
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    Hmm that's odd... What plugins do you have?
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    I test it with only with PEX loaded, no other plugins.

            default: true
                rank: '1000'
                rank-ladder: default
            - -bukkit.command.version
            - -bukkit.command.plugins
            - -bukkit.command.kill
            - Guest

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