[FIX] NoOrbs V1.0.1 - Remove orbs on death [1185]

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    NoOrbs - Remove orbs on death

    Version: v1.0.1

    NoOrbs will not completely disable orbs like most other plugins. It instead gets rid of orbs on death (if configuration property Remove-On-Death is set to true (default)) and scans the world every so often as defined in the config (Delay in config). This makes it compatible with the new mob that jeb is adding to the game that requires experience to kill. Please reply with any suggestions you may have.


    Development Build
    This dev build contains the region flagging feature as suggested by @Relick . It is experimental, but i would like some feedback.

    In Progress:
    • Region delayed orb removal
    Version 1.0.1:
    • Compiled against Recommended Build
    Version 1.0:
    • Released plugin
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    I think you're a bit late, but then again, this has more features than NoOrb.
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    How does it sweep the land for them? I can imagine that would get annoying once that mob is in. They would be killing a cow, and just before they got the orbs, the sweep occurs and deletes them D:

    So your mission, is to get your plugin to ignore a chunk if there was either a recent entity kill, or if not, then if there is a player in it.

    He already said that this plugin is not like that one.
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    tag me when recommended cb for this is out
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    I compiled it against the recommended build.
    Do you mind if i use that method? I was thinking of adding a new hashset entry for each orb, but that seems to be more efficient. Ill credit you in the post for the idea :p
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    It's no problem at all, it was a suggestion for you to use :)
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    Nice plugin :D
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    Added a dev build to the post. This build includes the feature as suggested by @Relick . It is experimental, but it should work. Let me know if it does or doesn't, please and thank you.
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    this looks awesome!
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    Would it be possible to make it so all items dropped on death disappear?
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    Thanks man!

    your the best man!:)
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    404 not found >.> couldn't download
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    Yes, that's right. Can you fix it?
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    Since this is outdated AND the download is down, you can use my orb remover plugin, NoOrbsPlease, instead of this.

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