Inactive [FIX/MISC]The Reaper That Cares - Make death less tragic [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    The Reaper That Cares

    * Disable experience loss on death on your server.
    * Can decide which users get to use this using the permissions node.

    Planned Features:
    * Feel free to suggest some.

    Permission Node(s):
    * TRTC.keepexp

    Simply give the users you want to use this the permission node.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    V1.0 Release.
    V1.1 Made ever so slightly more efficient and brought up to date.
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    This looks good man, I'm trying it right now.
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    Config file coming later this day most likely. :D
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    Sorry about delay eclipse crashed and I rarely save.... this is what config will look like though. any suggestions? like it hate it? gimme some feedback.
        Void: true
        Lightning: true
        Fall: true
        Fire: true
        Lava: true
        Suffocation: true
        Drowning: true
        Suicide: true
        Starvation: true
        Poison: true
        Contact: true
        Entity Explosion: true
        Block Explosion: true
        Player Attack: true
        Mob Attack: true
        Player Projectile: true
        Mob Projectile: true
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    [1.1-R7] is the latest, remove pex from the end, dont use mediafire
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    mediafire is broken. it says something about double headers or so, even trough, download is broken
  7. no config plz
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    Nice to see new useful plugins! Good job! [cake]
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    Great, looks good. Makes dying a little less of a tragedy. :D
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    awesome plugin man u know this was supposed to be in vanilla but jeb doesn't want to fix this bug even though its very major!!! thanks for the easy fix
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    Thanks I thought about doing a lot more with this plugin I just have sooo much more to learn about java however I do plan on updating and improving all my plugins later. Oh and I do plan on removing the need to have PermissionsEx so that you can use it with any permissions plugin.
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    So, does this work with 1.2.5?

    Completely forgot about it, I meant to get this. XD
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    Well I didn't have my old source but it's a super simple plugin I just remade it and it's more efficient this time I didn't cast player at it 700 times lol this was more or less my first plugin.
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    Oh, wow. Thanks.
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    You're welcome and if you have any suggestions for the plugin tell me lol I feel as though this doesn't do much :S and the title makes it sound grandiose or well I think at least lol but whatever :p
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    If there is a way that you could set up a percentage each death. Say, I die, I can set in the config file that I lose 10% or 80% ?
    I think its a great idea but, I also like the idea of consequences for death.

    Also this just occurred to me for a open world pvp. When you kill another player you could take some of their xp.

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    See I actually started doing something like that for another plugin just havent got it all figured out yet but my inspiration was Highlander the tv series and if you killed another player it would strike you with lightning and give you all of that player's exp, but if I did that I would have to make a config for this to enable exp loss if killed by a player and such but it's still a W.I.P. but if I get it working I will let you know lol
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    This looks like a great plugin and I love the name :3
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    hey here's an idea. Items don't go away from all death except from fire and/or lava.

    but at cost of cash (economy plugin) or xp. :O

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    Looks good but just seeing if you could add more features into it.
    like: when you die, you don't drop or loose your items, put it in the config because i know people will not want that, also put it as a Node as well - people may want that only for mods or somthing
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    Yeah I like the optional iconomy or xp charge ideas and not losing items and of course everything will have to be configurable on or off with their own permission nodes I will work on it I just am having a little trouble making a working config file :S but I almost have that sorted out then comes the cooler features. :D
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    Maybe also make it so that players don't lose their items?
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    Cliffordlittle is on to something here, the reason I came across this plugin was I'm looking for a plugin that allows you to choose 3 items you want to keep after death but all your other items are lost, kind of like Runescape I was also thinking it could automatically keep the 3 most valuable items but that would probably take you a while to add since you would have to do some sort of database deciding if a diamond pickaxe is more valuable then a diamond axe or something like that but I do think it would be great if you made it so players could have a choice on what items they keep after death
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    Can you add "Holding item to prevent EXP loss"?

    Like if you having a Lapiz Lazuli in inventory, it will prevent Experience loss by costing 1 Lapiz Lazuli. :D
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    Does this not work with Multiverse? Because I'm now having xp lost when a death happens in a mv world and players are sent back to the normal world
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    Permission does not work.
    Set to false still no EXP loss
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    Deleted user

    Maybe because it's outdated?
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    Well this is from forever ago but it should still work and would only take seconds to update and the reason why it didn't work is only give the node to the people/groups you want to use it
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    I use it long ago and Permission doesn't work. Set to false but still get no EXP lose.
    This plugin didn't update for a long time so, I switch to use other plugin instead.
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    if you are still modding can you update this mod? 2 suggestions
    1 Entity Explosion can you add no terrain damage
    2 adjust how much exp is lost. I don't mind loosing exp but if I could change it to 45% that would be sweet.

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