[FIX/MISC] RunBukkit 0.5 [1.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by nightdelsolexe7, Jan 9, 2012.

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    RunBukkit - Solution to Opening CraftBukkit In Easily
    Version: 0.5.0b
    RunBukkit is a very simple batch file to open your CraftBukkit server using Java. It has three main run modes;
    • Run - Very simply runs the CraftBukkit server.
    • Loop - Skips the menu and continues to loop the server after a keystroke.
    • Loop_AFK - Runs the server and keeps it running even when you're gone somewhere. The intermission between crashes is automatic by 10 ticks.
    May not work with platforms other than Windows!

    • Compatible with Any Build
    • Easy Install
    • Loop and Loop AFK Mode
    • Plugins like RBSSEdit, RBSLAS, when released (Possibly More in the Future)
    • Integrated CraftBukkit Starter (the main purpose of this whole thing)
    Video (open)

    Coming Soon

    Go to the following website to download RBukkit-5.zip:
    Night's Resources: https://sites.google.com/site/nightdelsolexe7/home

    //1// Extract RBukkit-5.zip's contents directly into your bukkit server folder.
    //2// Rename craftbukkit-1.1-R3.jar (or whatever build you run) to craftbukkit.jar
    //3// (Optional) Create a Shortcut on your Desktop to RunBukkit
    Change Log (open)

    Version 0.5 (5)
    • Rescripted Core: Condensed Coding, 1 Simple Block of Code
    • Condensed Version Number
    • Changed "Bukkit" to "CraftBukkit", as that is the actual program
    • Modified BAT Title: RunBukkit_0_4_5 (Previous Version) to RBukkit-5
    Version 0.4.5
    • Removed Easter Eggs, Title Screen MADE WITH LOVE, Adjusted Titles
    • Removed Hidden Comments
    Version 0.4.4
    • Adjusted Default Memory Allocation (-Xmx#G) to 2 GB
    Version 0.4.3
    • Removed IDCS Option
    Version 0.4.2
    • Fixed Non-Existing Parameter Crash
    • Cleaned Loop Code
    • Fixed Color Crash
    • Fixed Random Input Crash
    • Added Loading Failure Check
    • Added IDCS Plugin Test
    Version 0.4.1
    • Added Easter Eggs in Source
    • Fixed Goto
    • Fixed Help Screen Crash
    • Fixed Title
    Version 0.4
    • Removed Settings Page due to Crashing
    • Removed Complicated Plugin Garbage
    • Completely Redesigned Scripting
    • Added Loop_AFK
    • Tested Integrating Plugins
    Version 0.3.1
    • Added Ping Any Server to Settings
    • Added Color Editor to Settings
    • Added Plugin Manager to Settings
    Version 0.3
    • Added Settings Page
    • Added Splash Screen
    • Redesigned Menu
    • Added End Page
    • Added Help Page
    Version 0.2
    • Added Loop Feature
    • Added Menu
    Version 0.1
    • It Started Bukkit. That's All It Did.

    As much feedback as you can, scripting advice would be helpful :3
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    This is a bukkit tool, moved.
    I would steer clear from mediafire
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    Thanks, i'll upload future plugins to a different site
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