Inactive [FIX/MECH] Stream Remover v1.03 - Remove those annoying water and lava streams! [2038]

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    Pretty much everyone ran into it in the past: You made a nice river, accidentally placed a dirt block on the sides, and removed it again. There it ugly water stream. Sometimes forming hundrets at a time, it takes ages to fix them. With this plugin running, this will never happen. Annoying water streams belong to the past! :)
    You can also do the same for lava streams, but you do need to enable it in the config.yml. (since this introduces infinite lava streams, could be a bad idea on your server)

    Works for all RBs since cb#1060 (tested)

    Important: It prevents the FORMATION of these streams, it provides no commands to remove streams already existing. However, removing them does become easier.

    You can set 'allowLava' in the config.yml to true to allow the (infinite) lava stream fixer.


    Download links and other links
    Download StreamRemover from GitHub
    View source code on GitHub
    Bukkit dev page

    29-10-2011 - Updated to v1.02
    - Made it use the new File configuration system

    19-10-2011 - Justice day - Updated to v1.01
    - Fixed gigantic water oceans from forming

    15-10-2011 - Released version 1.00
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    Mate you deserve a medal, though what do you mean by infinite streams.
  3. @ledhead900 If you enable Lava stream removal, it allows the use of 'infinite lava streams', just like water. This could be a problem. (3-wide gap, place lava corners, middle air block becomes a lava source you can pick up with a bucket)
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    Ah I get it, so can infinitely pick up the same lava source, yea that could be a problem. But this plugin is a life saver I remember making custom rivers in the past and always raging out when trying to adjust the river make it flow a certain way but then upon doing that I get a ton of unwanted directions that were a real ass to remove or just plain fiddly.
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    People are telling me this is making water spread like wildfire ? almost like classic water.

    EDIT: HOLY mother of god, I want to show what happens with this let me make small vid right now for you.

    Uploading now wont take long.
  6. @ledhead900 Why did I expect something like this to emerge...well if you can make a vid of how to reproduce it, please go a ahead! :)
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    Its producing right now and I will upload it once it done its not very big so should not take long, Making it part of my Life of an admin you-tube special on our servers channel., Don't worry I plan to annotate it to say it will get fixed by the developer asap.

    Don't want to make u look bad :p just wanted to start a admins life section on the channel where I will showcase stuff that I do like putting plugins in and testing them things like that, To go along with our Blogs and then later on coverage of the main server once 1.9 is out and players are in it will be the main channel where I start covering the server. Should be fun but yea give me 15min tops to upload this.
  8. @ledhead900 Ow I don't mind, all plugins has their issues in the initial release, I'm used to it. I did kinda expect such a thing, since the algorithm used was too simple to be true. :)

    Might need to compute the water level too...
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    Your going to love this video I think, I showed and Isolated the issue by showing that it appeared to be creating more source streams. 5mins left on the upload. It behaves just like classic water but I discovered that some areas contain source water and by isolating it with blocks it starts a new stream, well I think that is what it is doing.

    You will probably pick up more on the video then I did I just pointed it out.
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    Yeah If you place water randomly it makes a massive water bit. This is because as the water spreads them bits turn into non stream water blocks which equals another stream and it carry's on and on and on and on :D

    This is a major problem, as when I placed one water block it made a massive water area :D Also it made streams in random directions when drops a block

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  11. This is so unfair...why do all the bugs happen to other people and not to me, the one making it D:
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  13. Mother of goooood D:
    That is actually..quite
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    If only you could control it so it don't spread for ever, I like it but I mean this would flood a server if ppl found out.
  15. @ledhead900 No I know it is bad...but still Just some questions beforehand:
    - What plugins do you use? (do you use the liquid water plugin)
    - What happens if you place water on ice with stream remover enabled? (you placed it on snow here)
    - CB version?
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    1. 2011-10-20 03:36:51 [INFO] Plugins: AutoHelp, boosCoolDown, BorderGuard, BukkitSpeak, BuyCraft, CommandBook, FalseBookBlock, FalseBookCore, FalseBookExtra, FalseBookIC, FlamboyantFlock, GetStairs, Help, iConomy, KickIdle, LazyRoad, Lockette, LogBlockQuestioner, Lumberjack, mcbans, MinecraftViewer, My Worlds, NoCheat, Orebfuscator, PermissionsEx, ProtectingWolf, RealisticsTorches, SafeFire, SafeVoid, ScheduledAnnouncer, SignLink, Spout, SpoutRewards, SwordsGame, War, WeatherReducer, WebAuction, WorldEdit, ChatManager, OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge, Permissions, dynmap, Factions, LogBlock, NoLagg, MobArena, Register, Train Carts and No I do not use liquid water or any other water modifying plugin.

    2. Same thing it does not matter what u place it on. I placed it on ice where the water spread too in the video before, it eventually crashed client lol I had to do another take the video u saw was my second take. You can see it spread from being on grass in my video as well if u look closely and on the ice it still spreads.

    3. 2011-10-20 01:53:03 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-1131-g86b7fa8-b1332jnks (MC: 1.8.1)

    It is pretty cool but it needs a limit as that is not controllable it pretty darn good for making ponds or an ocean I will give it that, Maybe you should make a separate plugin call it ocean maker.
  17. @ledhead900 Whatever I try, I can't get it reproduced. I tried it on ice, snow, tree tops, mountains even in still behaves the same way. Does it occur if you use 1317 instead of 1332?


    hang on...I see I didn't even have it installed. XD


    Ok I got it...looks cool! :)
    (insta-lake in (hahahaaaa really awesome, wonder why I didn't spot this yet..)
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    I have no Idea I used a dev CB due to it has a couple nice fixes and it no break anything, Might want to ask that other guy what version he used.

    I can try the reco build if you like, Just means I need to rollback the world again. Give me a min I will try.

    While you wait might want to take a look at my other issues I PM in my last PM that myworld I cant work out how to stop the TP on spawn lol, and in nolagg I was wondering something.

    I was thinking maybe your test server is too clean might want to try a real scenario instead of test lab.

    You could keep this and make it a lake generator plugin or ocean maker re factor some code around for that. Then fix this one to do its job fix streams not make them :) I was loling a bit when watching it as it the complete opposite to its name.
  19. @ledhead900 No longer needed...I know what is going on. :)

    When placing the first block, it creates 4 blocks on the sides. In between them is a single gap. This plugin changes that to water. Extends more. Turns into water. More. Water. etc. Might be hard to fix... lowgrass map just flooded...till the bedrock corners...I'm f'ed...
    good I have a backup lol
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    Hmm It probably wont be hard to fix but just hard to fix to make it non resource intensive with out bloat. As you will need to run checks on blocks ahead of it and all kinds of nonsense if u want to stop it flowing like that.

    I left comment on Nolagg about worldedit issue making client crash, and a prev PM I sent u outlined an issue with myworld that since u updated it I cannot get it to function as u say it should.
  21. Important: DO NOT USE IT YET. This bug is pretty severe!


    Ow it wasn't even that hard to fix. Looked at the native coding what was used to determine water sources...proved to be that it checks if the block data is

    @ledhead900 updated it :)

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    should I be scared ? lets find out.

    new bug
    Cannot place blocks in middle or anywhere really inside a 3x3 square of water poured by bucket.
  23. @ledhead900 d'oh uploaded a intermediaire version..had to export it again. seec

    Try again now.
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    All fixed goo work, now time to look at those issues I posted in your other plugins and PM's chop chop :p
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Is there any possibility of this being extended to fix streams on the BOTTOM of the ocean, like when you dig clay?
  28. @Ranakastrasz well it is a very simple plugin filling up air surrounded by two or more water source blocks, can't be much simpler. Not sure what you mean with 'streams on the bottom of the ocean', but it is possible that it already does this.
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    @bergerkiller Basically, When go to the bottom of the ocean, a river, or whatever, And dig (for clay, which without using a synthesis recipe, is only found there) it will remove the block, and then fill in with flow blocks. This means that, if you find yourself stuck in the hole, the flow-water will pull you down, which tends to get really annoying and/or deadly. So basically, I would like to have it also, if it has 3/4 water blocks above it (in the 9 blocks above) (to avoid a long shaft filling and possibly flooding every cavern ever) convert it to a source block.

    (also, on this addon, does it still require anything below the water to form, or does it just look for 2 source blocks adjacent to a flow block, include water/lava/glass/anything-not-air as valid replication surfaces, or what? (face adjacent, not including edge adjacent, unless that IS included)

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