[FIX/MECH] BananaPortal 0.1 - create bigger, funkier nether portals [860]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by codename_B, Jun 15, 2011.

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    BananaPortal 0.1
    create bigger, funkier nether portals

    Download Link: Here
    Version: 0.1
    How to use: Just create a larger than normal portal and light the middle with flint+steel!

    Contributors: Fright01

    What works:
    • Creating the portal
    • The blocks placing
    • Using the portal
    What needs testing:
    • Wierder and whackier portal shapes
    • Lighting portals with fire (ID:51) doesn't work (yet)
    • Just more testing in general
    Why you should test for me: Anyone who helps me get this plugin ready for release will have their name mentioned under "Contributors" in the final plugin release. Also, any code feedback is more than welcome.


    • 0.1 - 15/06/2011 - released to the wip-and-development forum
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    Woot screenshots :)
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    im testing it right now :D

    the one on the right doesnt work! :(
    View attachment 4013

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    That would be because it's only one block thick, portals don't work when they're only one block thick! double the thickness :) like the width.

    Minimum size is 2x2.
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    any chance of adding config option to where the portal would lead and even some group whitelists per portal? :D
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    I believe that would be another plugin - this plugin only handles the creation of the portal in a non-normal shaped environment.
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    I could hope anyway. MultiVerse author has been MIA for a while.. player whitelists broken for a couple builds..
    cool plugin none-the-less :D
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    It makes things like this possible :)

    Stupid gif.
    But still..
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    I can't see that :( Can you upload it to tinypic?
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    This looks quite cool :p
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    sure ill upload it to tinypic in a few mins :p


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    I did cheat (and use a schematic).. But its still Awesome!
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    I made a video, it's almost uploaded
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    Noice :D I look forward to seeing it.
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    Tested out your plugin and it works pretty well. I just told the admins of my server to have a go at making 2 random shapes and they did. Last shape almost worked but we really wanted to make the Luigi symbol so, two missing nether portal blocks aren't bad knowing there was a shape in the middle of it.
    Random huge portal test
    Random shape 1
    Luigi symbol
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    Looks great man! Keep it up!
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    Well. I looked at your decompiled source to see how you made the portal blocks, and I cant figure out how you collect their locations or why you did it that way, whatever it is. I am working on a variable size portal plugin and the part I cant get working is the creation of the portal blocks. Are you still working on this?

    EDIT: Oh. You block the physics event. I found your thread asking that question. Anyway, your method of filling the portal area is confusing. Have you thought about switching to recursive?
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    If I knew how :p
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    This is much more confusing out of eclipse. But these are the two methods I use to fill a HashMap with the air blocks out to a border, from a starting block. I also fill a hashset with the border blocks. This is much more confusing than it was originally because I had to do weird stuff to Serialize my Gate object for file storage.
    Basically, it fills twice, once in each direction (North to South and East to West) out to either a border of non-Air or the size limit then takes the smaller of the two. The recursive part passes the HashMap down each time, adds the nodeBlock if it is Air and is not already in the set, then runs the method again for each block around the nodeBlock. And finally, sorry if this makes no sense. I wrote it because I like recursion (it is elegant and efficient).

    These are two arrays that store the four BlockFace directions that the method iterates through to efficiently check all the blocks around the nodeBlock:
    private static BlockFace[] EWdir = { BlockFace.UP, BlockFace.DOWN,
    BlockFace.EAST, BlockFace.WEST };
    private static BlockFace[] NSdir = { BlockFace.UP, BlockFace.DOWN,
    BlockFace.NORTH, BlockFace.SOUTH };

    private static HashMap<Location, Integer> findPortalBlocks(PortalGate gate) {
            Set<Block> EWBorder = new HashSet<Block>();
            Set<Block> NSBorder = new HashSet<Block>();
            HashMap<Location, Integer> EWBlocks = fillPortalBlocks(gate.loc()
                    .getBlock(), new HashMap<Location, Integer>(), EWdir, gate,
            HashMap<Location, Integer> NSBlocks = fillPortalBlocks(gate.loc()
                    .getBlock(), new HashMap<Location, Integer>(), NSdir, gate,
            if (EWBlocks == null && NSBlocks == null)
                return null;
            if (EWBlocks == null) {
                gate.gateDir = NSdir;
                return NSBlocks;
            if (NSBlocks == null) {
                gate.gateDir = EWdir;
                return EWBlocks;
    //The smaller HashMap must be the portal area
            if (NSBlocks.size() < EWBlocks.size()) {
                gate.gateDir = NSdir;
                return NSBlocks;
            } else {
                gate.gateDir = EWdir;
                return EWBlocks;
        private static HashMap<Location, Integer> fillPortalBlocks(Block nodeBlock,
                HashMap<Location, Integer> hashMap, BlockFace[] dir,
                PortalGate gate, Set<Block> border) {
            if (hashMap == null || hashMap.size() > MAXSIZE)
                return null;
    //Adds the nodeBlock if it is Air, Portal, or the starting point, which I added since mine starts with a sign
            if (nodeBlock.getType() == Material.AIR
                    || nodeBlock.getLocation().equals(gate.loc())
                    || nodeBlock.getType() == Material.PORTAL) {
                if (!hashMap.containsKey(nodeBlock.getLocation())) {
                    hashMap.put(nodeBlock.getLocation(), new Integer(-1));
    //Iterates through the direction array containing the faces around the nodeBlock
                    for (BlockFace face : dir) {
                        hashMap = fillPortalBlocks(nodeBlock.getFace(face),
                                hashMap, dir, gate, border);
                } else
                    return hashMap;
            } else
            return hashMap;
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    wow this looks cool!
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    So how does that check for a complete obsidian ring?
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    Ooooh good point, mine does not do that right now. But, it does collect a Set of all the blocks on the border (it adds the nonair blocks to the borderBlocks Set, but does not search the blocks around them for air, thus limiting the recursion) so you could check to make sure they are all obsidian.
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    Hmmm, I'll give it a bash.
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    @codename_B Why isn't my video in the OP D:
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    You realise this is the dev post and there's an actual plugin release post? XD
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    Awesome work, nice job
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    any way to make a portal without it actually functioning as a portal?
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