Inactive [FIX/MECH] BananaChunk v5.0 - Stuck in a lag hole? Request a chunk resend [R1.3]

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    No more getting stuck in lagholes!

    Version: 5.0


    Features: Allows users to request a chunk resend if they're stuck in a lag-hole. From version 4.6 onwards there should be no lag holes from teleporting, ever.

    Configuration: None
    Source: Included in the .jar

    • v1-4.3 30/05/2011-unreleased, experimented with the best way to get a chunk
    • v4.4 31/05/2011- released awesome plugin. Saved servers everywhere.
    • v4.5 31/05/2011- fixed invisible players bug.
    • v4.6 02/06/2011 - added teleport lag hole fix
    • v5.0 14/09/2012 - back by popular demand
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    compatible with 860?
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    I love you.

    Why not try it and see? Has anything changed since 818?
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    Yes 42 different builds

    Added ItemSpawnEvent. Thanks myers! (commit: b9d0b047622b9287834760963798ea4af0e0d5bb)
    Fixed fireball explosions not producing fire. (commit: a0a4482a527383cc44fcd9229acb56de98163d04)
    Possible fix for clay generation. (commit: fe5818436141147815f47edb215dbc507e5bc38e)
    Fixed cancelled lighting strikes dealing damage. (commit: d87f734ecf4df0ac2514438a1b8317a42b961268)
    Fixed from and to worlds being the same for a PlayerTeleportEvent for crossworld teleports. Thanks for the help Rigby and Verrier! Tahg is responsible for the mess. (commit: d97026fddfbed26fa187b0661141883121286780)
    Improved handling of being sent to your bed spawn if the world saved in your player.dat no longer exists. (commit: ffaf1851b81ea506a053017ed984b834a6e3eb41)
    Fixed Creepers being killed even if their Explosion Prime event is cancelled. (commit: b3309af562db8187f1938110e68b79f4dc09c25d)
    Fixed trapdoors not updating their state if a Player Interact event is cancelled. (commit: 1ccf35360636c4e2d59bb133b35a29c332145b30)
    Redid packet prioritisation to fix chunk loss bug encountered when teleporting, also addresses issues caused by teleport fixes. (commit: 7ceb1857583570a12892b002916abd9a0b2aec12)
    Fixed getting stuck in the ground when respawning to a bed under certain circumstances (commit: 363baa9483ae051488acfcca41efef1842cb28d7)
    Added world name to player logged in message. (commit: 74959c4f3e9121d0e75927a53a80079c397f8051)
    Fixed not being able to login if the world saved in your player.dat no longer exists. Thanks for the help Rigby and Verrier! (commit: 4579d7f4abe4819e2533be6e735ce9150d051901)
    Moved playSound/Effect(Player, ...) to Player.playEffect(Location, ...) to be consistent, and because the code didn't really do what the Javadoc said. (commit: b592d23d4af375898d3ec8d0dd7b13cee7ddb713)
    Cleaned up some Javadocs. (commit: 93ec5cffa122376d2218b236f7c207016023d370)
    Added World.createExplosion() that takes a Location, instead of just raw X, Y, Z values. (commit: 4fc7d277c53c73b3016df2cde260abd210574703)
    Added some missing @Override. (commit: fcfa14d0f77f4584484bcfe41c099198d6130088)
    implementations of the playSound methods (commit: ac479af60cd4a65aff6f52fcfe4746d25514ecbb)
    Changed sound playing to effect dispatching, since these seem more like more like encompassing effect than mere sounds. (commit: 43a718255512ebd384499d6e25c825bed50b28cd)
    Improved CreatureSpawnEvent and made Water Animals obey spawn-animals setting. (commit: 9e37b9a48e83d80cbb3aabf09919502bba6e7dbe)
    reverted some changes that broke stuff (commit: dd0c6eebb0afc62a1235bfc3f4e47833fdad933e)
    fixed support for multiworld beds (commit: c08b2a6006e2104bc8fe643e80320dcfcef86b15)
    Fixed weather changes affecting players in all worlds, instead of their respective worlds. (commit: 7104520f988b730b068bf0f61387c3e333ec6475)
    Fixed redstone current being sent even if a BlockPlace was cancelled. (commit: 4b5e636876f4779c515aa1aaa9c03c5fdb3bc691)
    Added EntityTame event. Thanks halvors! (commit: bfe136e8f4ae947034ad6a4f85849b86a7dc8f21)
    Added method to create an explosion in world. Thanks Zaraza107! (commit: e9a6e182a3ee6c623f77d9985747e8021c51be59)
    Made it possible to block punching fire out through PlayerInteract event. (commit: 0b892a71f8be66f2b708194b0023e5f95651d84b)
    Fixed issues introduced by recent 'portal changes' commit. (commit: b4c1e83e07dfe4fb3e6de67c1725ff6c854911e5)
    Added more control over block placement on interactable objects. Thanks Acru! (commit: 8b3ed8f36d24d190d7555f3d063f0da721fdd667)
    Implemented 1.6 portal events. (commit: fb65448027eb894a53f08c0dc8afa8f5a2015cc7)
    Adds update chunk method for sending fake chunk updates to the client. This is to match the sendBlockChange method. (commit: 70005e386443cd5f21e737ee7f98e303bce07aba)
    Portal changes. (commit: 33b06875de6f5cff1451c481007b9c42871b1319)
    More teleport changes. Thanks Zeerix! (commit: 2b10bf1573964b36348653b42aa7a6da22084261)
    Prevent effects of tickrate degradation on item pickups (commit: c0d797327f04a7deee12d50411b2fa96628d2782)
    Prevent effects of tickrate degradation on furnaces (commit: 252cb8f9ea52fbf762955d7b5c237bda2624f5b3)
    Fixing a serious issue caused by SpaceManiac. All his fault. (commit: 1153d044c9df19b0ec2594cf6d35fa9913a83282)
    Fixed health on multiworld teleportation (commit: ce85a4c1c62d12fce4ce68f2b7f13557c60821c5)
    Fixed nether's identity crises (commit: 2d52ee0d600a74cd292e500b88e3d049dec2296e)
    Implemented unloadWorld(). Thanks Rigby! (commit: 0108545c61d59c9d871f6f2c7b16cc0d58f8dfc1)
    Added ChunkSnapshot for efficient, thread-safe copies of Chunk data. Thanks mikeprimm! (commit: 250033812ba60bb72f5c8883348048929078e491)
    Added UniqueId to entities. Thanks Afforess! (commit: 1ddef4403ec0dd2f125fe0e6391242f67a98faab)
    Exempt Vehicles from's sanity check (commit: 45e703908fa12ea2358c267d92588a81fac8763f)
    Fixed IPv6 support in NetworkManager. (commit: cb44648765ddef184152eca07487cd44a900b3a2)
    Re-added per-world PVP setting support which was accidentally lost in translation. Thanks Rigby! (commit: 98678584ab5dd7d7e9f9c459b1d4e72f0966ce32)
    Fixed entity damaged by entity event firing twice when players damage each other. Thanks Xolsom! (commit: efceccfcf7b7e913f329d9e660ba3233d04a4dc1)
    Fixed durability changing regardless of whether or not damage was successful. Thanks Xolsom! (commit: 53afaa9083791a7849bdfc5b1882260b99e4a913)
    Use the custom set spawn (commit: b39ebe147b98f863a0750c4c2efafb28f90c2a5f)
    Fix for generator stuff now being class (commit: 86abfbe52f83bc42c0a5d0cae5661324d8bde046)
    Implemented custom chunk generators and block populators (commit: 27a45c1cd7c175fcf613dac715942e49c8d4d483)
    Possible fix for some chunk loading issues experienced when teleporting. Thanks akrieger! (commit: 8229349745317a5ab3125f581c64b0d7f4231ffc)
    Fixed chunks saving more than they need to. Thanks Rigby! (commit: b53a7974d42238271a17266a4d8afaf02b69623e)
    Squelch stacktrace for 'not so important'-'error' (commit: 07ddaf17545c0a51d7d6a442c49072957a3d7784)
    fixed environments (commit: c248e37dc460bfe93c4961772751ccc72a161567)
    attempted nether fix (commit: 91d4fd0fd1f2086a4798a1524027190864df3c17)
    map cursor rotation fix (commit: 1023217b22dd7eba5900d4a79c06a973e1165e22)
    fixed cross world teleport (commit: 14a36a7042f96163d9d902cf9c5dc5cc4eac297e)
    More multiworld fixes (commit: d7fa0f08b5493753f8b9af04fc993bc275cb338f)
    moved respawn event (commit: 3fc0460ef807f1c448a7a716e9082063c4acd325)

    As well as over a dozen dependency changes.

    It works fine in 866. So I'll assume 860 is okay also.

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    Can you make it so that /chunkme resets the chunk the player is looking at, and not the one here is standing at ? Makes more sense :)
    Awesome plugins btw
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    Bump! Great plugin!
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    Deleted user

    This sounds great. It'll help clear up the logging in-and-out spam.
    Will be trying it out when I can.
  8. Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!

    My players will be very happy.
    (Btw-donated some redbull/coffee money :p)
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    Works with build 935?
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    Fixed. :p

    Works great and is still needed for 953. :)
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    This needs permissions!
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    Works good with Build 953, thx
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    tha d0ctor

    your download host seems to currently be down
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    thanks for the plugin, in really helps my server:D
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    source is in the jar man, code has said that like 2 billion times XD
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    Hero pluggin.
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    Thanks so very much ^^
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    Since CB 928 I have noticed that this doesn't work good anymore. Maybe you can update :)?
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    Checking compatability with RB1000 for the hell of it! :D well let ya know what happens!

    Well from what I saw there are NO errors! For those of you who read this and think it works with RB1000 that is not the truth! I get no errors! Just sayin! :D
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    Getting cocky much? This plugin is useless since RB 928.
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    Bukkit implemented it's own fix of this problem in 928, so if you want to continue using this that's fine, but it won't do ... anything really.
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    Man to bad this dosen't work any more because bukkit's fix compared to this one is pretty poor. This plugin was really good and I loved it but since bukkit implemented there fix it broke it and yet there fix is still pretty bad hehe.
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    I will look into another way to resend you the chunk :) I have been doing lots of work with packets recently so I may as yet be able to!
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    Woohoo :D
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    Feature request: reload 3x3 chunks around the player or more
    Or even better, a configuration file for a "square radius" of chunks to be loaded around the player
    I just want more than one chunk
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    This is in the server config, or?
    10 Chunks?

    Yes please update this .. some user have the stuck in a lag hole issue ..
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    No, I mean I want to customize the radius of the area loaded by the plugin around the player when /chunkme is being used...
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    This would mean a LOT more bandwidth use.
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    that's why I mentioned configuration
    The main problem I have is that when I teleport, chunks load from the edge closest to the area teleported from
    This plugin partially fixes the problem, but just one chunk is a bit small
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    Ok, a radius config will be added.
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    thank you [cake]

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