Inactive [FIX/MECH] BananaChunk v5.0 - Stuck in a lag hole? Request a chunk resend [R1.3]

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  1. BananaChunk
    No more getting stuck in lagholes!

    Version: 5.0


    Features: Allows users to request a chunk resend if they're stuck in a lag-hole. From version 4.6 onwards there should be no lag holes from teleporting, ever.

    Configuration: None
    Source: Included in the .jar

    • v1-4.3 30/05/2011-unreleased, experimented with the best way to get a chunk
    • v4.4 31/05/2011- released awesome plugin. Saved servers everywhere.
    • v4.5 31/05/2011- fixed invisible players bug.
    • v4.6 02/06/2011 - added teleport lag hole fix
    • v5.0 14/09/2012 - back by popular demand
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    Interesting, I'm excited to get home to my server and see if this works!
  3. Tested working on and :)
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    I love you. Confirmed working on my server.
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    I was alpha testing this, :) - It's amazing. we tackled many issues together, although, @codename_B is an amazing coder & should never leave us.
  6. Yaaaay :D another server confirmed working with it. I love you too.
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    will try this asap
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    After a day of using this plugin, my server started loading the chunks around warps - BananaChunk - Punch server to the balls and it will work!
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    Can this auto-request the chunk or do you need to type the command?
  10. Command only I'm afraid.
    Your signature hurts my eyes :S
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    I know it a bit nasty, I will try to trim it, at least it only gets shown once a page.
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    Works on as well. Just tested.

    Thanks for the great plugin!
  13. Why not have like a webpage listing all the plugins in a nice format and link to that? You don't see me filling up my sig :p It's just latest plugin and my release page.
    Yay!! :D I can see this becoming an essential plugin.
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    I just think it useful for people to see what am using and have links to them. Can I make it toggleable?
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    Yeah, it becomes very useful. I wish Notch would fix lag holes... they only got worse in 1.6.
  16. :S it's not really useful to have THAT much, why not just list the ones that are uncommon/extremely useful? I didn't read that at all, I just wrote a javascript snippet in greasemonkey to hide your sig >.<
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    amazing! it works perfectly, and as for the autorequest, if you do include it, could you make it toggleable? that could cause a real strain on my server if everyone was automatically resent chunks.
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    I removed some of the plugins that don't do much in the game. And made it a spoiler button. If I post a problem somewhere, it's usually handy to see quickly what I am using to rule out stuff. Like I said am sorry, it's been amended to a button.
  19. That is soooooooooo much better :D Thankyouuuu <3

    I'm not going to do auto-resending. It's too hard to detect chunk holes server-side.
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    As soon as I restarted my server after putting this in my plugins folder it became instantly useful to me, I teleported, didn't want to wait for the chunk I was in to load, said /chunkme. I love this plugin 5 stars :D. Works great.
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    We're using this on our server now to help with the "chunk load after teleport" issue in bukkit 818/819. Works like a charm. I know people have already requested automatic action, could it do this by detecting when a player moves down repeatedly when they should not? (already standing on a solid block)
  22. Thanks for the recommendation :D it's fun for all the family and safe for kids too! :D
    Why not check out my other plugins too?
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    I suppose it's kind of a bug isn't it, hopefully at some point it will be able to get caught server-side?
  24. I'm looking at resending a chunk after a PlayerTeleport event, as that's when most of the lag holes occur. That (SHOULD) fix things.
    Wait for the next version and see, should be out later :)
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    Thank you, this would be very useful on my server to.
  26. Next version released :D enjoy!
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    Thanks :)
  28. If you server owners get any donations from people loving the lack of chunk holes feel free to throw some at me :p
    There's a donate button on my plugin portal page ;)
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    So I've ditched this in my /plugins directory, tried to do a /chunkme and got an unknown command returned.

    No errors on startup, no error on command use. However, the plugin also isn't showing up in my /plugins.

    I'm confused.

    Plugin Ver 4.6
  30. Are you sure it's in /plugins? I would double and triple and quadruple check and post FTP screenshots if you can.
    This is it running on my localhost test server

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