Inactive [FIX] GravitySucks - Stop players from logging in and out to avoid fall damage! [1.2.5-R1.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by itsatacoshop247, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Great!! Thanks :)
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    When people are getting held for 3 seconds, can they punch stuff such as paintings off walls? Because if they can then this is a decent griefing tool.
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    I guess, it holds normal block breaking properties. I'll add a thing which stops them from damaging/breaking blocks.
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    Thank you! My next concern is that people will use this to jump over an active build...log out...wait a few days....then log back in when the build is complete and voila! Inside access!
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    They could do that without the plugin too, couldn't they? I don't see how this would change that.
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    oh yeah XD i'm so silly :p Thanks!
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    There is à bugg that if you fall in lava and quickly reconnect you have 2 sec to avoid lava damage
    This Also works with fire damage
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    I think that would apply without the plugin.

    It would teleport them back to the position anyway when using GravitySucks, so they'd still have to escape the fire/lava just the same.
  9. does it still work when someone says /spawn or some teleport command?
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    Yeah, it will teleport them back once the 3 seconds are up. I could probably cancel all commands they run instead.
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    • Added "/gravitysucks reload" with "gravitysucks.reload" permission.
    • Redid the plugin. Now instead of holding you in the air, it properly removes the 3 seconds of invincibility upon spawning, so you just continue to fall and die. Even better, if you were not falling before you logged out (EX. someone digs a fall trap) you will still have the 3 seconds of invincibility like usual! The invincibility will only be removed if you were falling before logging out!
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    will test out :)

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