Inactive [FIX/GEN/MISC] NightLight v1.1 - A light for the night [1.0.1-R1]

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  1. NightLight - A light for the night![1.0.1-R1]
    Version 1.1


    NightLight - A very simple yet useful plugin which allows players to see during the night. When enabled every block below the player will become glowstone.
    Permissions node : 'nightlight.use' . To toggle use:
    Not much more to say except leave me feedback, donate and enjoy :)!
    (Sync_Changelog=Testing Sync Updater)​
    v1.1 : Added permissions
    v1.0 : Initial Release
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    Was wondering the same thing.

    Woa. I love that banner. It looks just... FREAKIN EPIC! Good job :p

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  3. Thanks :)
    Also by the way I tested it with a friend the nightlight will only appear to the player.
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    Your welcome :)

    And good, cause I wouldnt use this if it spammed the ground with lightstone.... how ugly that would turn out...
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    wow, such a readable formatting you have! :p
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  6. Is that sarcastic? Anyway thanks :D
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    you bet it is :)
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    'Anyway thanks...' for your sarcasms :p
    I lol'd
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    I also lol'd :p
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    Sorry, got this message by using it
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    how come when i de activate the night light the glowstone that was under me stays in existence in the last spot it was in?
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    when i walk on glowstone it turns into stone is anyone else having this problem?
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    Just make it disappear when making /nl and it will be an awesome plugin :)
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    Awesome! But would it be possible to work when in minecarts or boats?
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    why would you want the block you're looking at to be glowstone? u wouldnt be able to mine or do anything ...
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    If it was a toggle-able option, you could then use this like the old Flashlight plugin (you'd have to not point *directly* at the block you want to examine, but right next to it). For mining, just toggle your flashlight off and rely on glowing underneath you like how it is now.

    Note that in its current form, you can't see or mine what you're standing on, because it turns into glowstone!

    That also poses an interesting question - if you're jsut sending a block change to the clients and not changing the map server-side, what DOES happen when you mine the block? The server will drop the *real* block and not glowstone, correct? Will the client drop a glowstone and the server drop the actual block? Does this result in a glowstone dupe bug, or does the client no longer handle drops in SMP?
  17. thats freaking awesome! can i haz banner, or do i have to do something special for you? :D
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    When riding a vehicle, possible change the block behind the player into glowstone instead of the track or water they're on? that could get tricky as you'd need to know which way they're looking and follow the vector backwards so as not to obscure their vision.
  19. I'd do you a banner but maybe consider giving me a little donation or something? ;) Just tell me what style and what you want it to look like :)
  20. <3
    And anything, maybe somewhat modern feeling, with minecraft of course :p I'll defidently donate when im un-broke ;)
  21. So banner or icon?
  22. Banner :D
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    For the brightness i would suggest adding an option in config file for multiple blocks beneath you. so you want it brighter it now has 4 blocks beneath you. just an idea
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    Wow. Something I have been looking for! This helps in the dark tunnels!
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    inactive i guess
  26. Your point being?
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    Does this still work?
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    Nice plugin!
  29. Thanks.

    Updated for Bukkit Build 1.0.1-R1
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