[FIX] eMob v0.4 - Disable mobs you don't want [1337]

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    eMob - Disable mobs you don't want!
    Version: v0.5.3

    As a server owner, I like full control over every aspect of the server. eMob lets you have the mobs you want enabled, and the rest disabled. Even better, you can change what mobs you want at any time. You can control everything with 1 simple command and no reloads!

    • Allows for the enabling and disabling of all mobs
    • Allows for the enabling and disabling of all mobs via in-game command
    • Comes with an in-game list showing the status of all mobs
    • Comes with an easy to use config
    • Has both permissions and OP support

    • Help menu - /mob help
    • Mob list - /mob list
    • Enable/disable mob - /mob <mobname> <true|false>
    • Enable/disable all mobs - /mob all <true|false>
    eMobLite on BukkitDev
    eMob on BukkitDev
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    Debating on a "Kill mob on dsable command" option in the config, working on color coding the mob list dependant on their status first. Wont be able to upload anything new til monday unfortunately.



    Finally, sweet release

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    make it so u can choose how many mobs u want in a current region/area
    and/or make it so u can choose how mnay mobs of that specefic mob that can spawn in server/or a area.
    something like this would be great :)
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    I'll look into this, but regions/areas are unlikely as of noe. I have not yet learned how to use cuboid, but a cuboid is not needed for a server limit. A server limit is likely. Both added to to-do list.
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    King of Koopas

    thanks man! I've been looking for something to replace the dated bmobs.
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    Nice plugin :) . Multiworld support maybe ?
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    Thanks, its on the to-do list :cool:
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    Thanks ! It's definitely gonna bury NoSpawn :p.
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    I hope so ;P
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    Saw your quote, you're working on what the other mod had/has?
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    I have a suggestion!

    You should be able to disable mobs in certain areas only, so you would need a worldedit-type wand thing where you can select an area and choose what mobs spawn in it.
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    Currently new to this, so I don't have much cuboid experience. If I could find a way to hook it into world edit, that would be pretty sweet though. Regardless, it will definitely be added.

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    Very nice plugin. I've seen others in the past that do this as well, but in a config file. I really like the console commands. Add me to the list of people wanting to be able to disable squid and have a kill mob command.
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    I'll be getting on this soon. I've had family troubles, school, and a server release in the way. Now that those are all over though, I should be able to add those. Squid will be first.
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    Sry but why do you want to add Permissions support? I thougt this plugin will be a nice, light Mob deactivating plugin, with a config file. nothing more and nothing less...
    • Multi-world support
    • Option to kill mobs on disable
    • Area/Server mob limits
    these to do points are cool but everything else is in my opinion way too heavy.
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    I've decided on splitting it. One version with the disabling, commands, and added squid support. One with extra protection with those options. Its not hard to keep both updated I'm sure.
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    in fact it was a mistake, feel free to delete that reply.
    i found your topic, and didn't notice i was still on the first page.
    when i saw that i replied to this old comment, i already hit "post reply".
    i apologize.
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    You can leave the reply because it is a good alternative, but please look more carefully at the topics you post in.
    Also, its fine. I'm not angry :cool:

    Quick peak at a a new feature: Adding color coding to the mob list depending on their status!

    Show Spoiler

    After this, I'll work on the seperate jars. eMob lite and eMob.

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    A quick question- Does this still allow mobs to be spawned using /spawn when they are disabled?

    also, if you disable pigzombies, when pigs get zapped, what happens?
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    Yes, this only disables mobs from spawning naturally. I am almost positive that you can spawn them. Not sure about what happens when a pig gets zapped, as it isn't considered "natural". My best guess is that the Zombie Pigman would spawn. It is possible to add this in future releases. I'll add this with Squid control as soon as I'm done with the Mob list.
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    Am I doing this right? I set time to day, did /butcher to kill all mobs. I did /mob Creeper false, did /butcher again, set time to night, and I see creepers everywhere still.
    The plugin is not throwing errors, and when I type /mob Creeper false it says Creepers disabled!

    After restarting server, it seems there are no more creepers.
    This plugin is working great!
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    @kayloe Even though you have it working, I'll look into it once I get home. Could I get your CB build # and any other plugins you have that may affect mobs?

    Guess its finally time to transition to BukkitDev. All updates will be posted there. I am currently rewriting the plugin to create a lite and more efficient version. From there, I will split the plugin and have a more advanced Version.

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    New eMobLite is out!
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    eMobLite does not feature cuboids. Still learning how to do cuboids. eMob , the constant update version, will (eventually) have cuboid.
  29. Cool :D cuboid :p Thank god I have worldedit //butcher kills all mobs :p can you put a mob limiter cause when I do //butcher I get over 100 mob killed.. also the mobs lagg the my server alot so i do ..butcher which is annoying :p
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    I'll look into how to do it.
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    can it work with multiverse. Please answer thx

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