[FIX] eMob v0.4 - Disable mobs you don't want [1337]

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    eMob - Disable mobs you don't want!
    Version: v0.5.3

    As a server owner, I like full control over every aspect of the server. eMob lets you have the mobs you want enabled, and the rest disabled. Even better, you can change what mobs you want at any time. You can control everything with 1 simple command and no reloads!

    • Allows for the enabling and disabling of all mobs
    • Allows for the enabling and disabling of all mobs via in-game command
    • Comes with an in-game list showing the status of all mobs
    • Comes with an easy to use config
    • Has both permissions and OP support

    • Help menu - /mob help
    • Mob list - /mob list
    • Enable/disable mob - /mob <mobname> <true|false>
    • Enable/disable all mobs - /mob all <true|false>
    eMobLite on BukkitDev
    eMob on BukkitDev
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    This sounds realle usefull, but can you disable mobs like creepers, too?
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    There are other plugins for this, so I really don't want to make an other one. This one is simply for the new mobs.

    Edit: @OelchZecke Done and done!
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    when you use a stable version, tag me, I'll release it
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    @Plague How? Three creature types that it needs to run correctly is added in build 1135. Does this mean that it won't be accepted until the next RB?

    Edit: Thank you to what ever mod removed that spammer...

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    Hey, thanks for making the plugin, it works great on my server. One thing though. It may be on purpose or something but can you make it so you can disable zombies? If you can't, that's fine but If you can that would be great. Thanks. :)
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    I know that you cannot do it now, that's why I used "when" in front of the sentence ;)
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    You should be able to disable zombies, not sure why you can't. Are you getting any errors? Ill look into it in the mean while.
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    Suggestion if you allow me : Multiworld compatibility ? If you do so, I would be able to stop using both eMod and NoSpawn (which seems outdated but is still working).

    Thanks for your plugin no matter what, disabling the Endermen was my main concern about updating and was waiting for this to update my server :)
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    Currently working on commands, but I will definitely look into Multiworld support(and soon). Adding it to the to - do list for now.

    Also, your welcome :D
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    I have a 500+ server. Have tested ALOT of mobs controller plugins in the past, all of them (even WG built-in feature) lags the server. Maybe it's just because with alot of players, the spawn rate is just insane, dunno.

    Question: Do you think your plugin would beahave well on such scenario ? otherwise I won't even test it.

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    Why don't you test it yourself?

    I have a 7000+ server and it works fine.
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    Zombies aren't on the config list...Maybe I'm an idiot, but what is a "Giant" mob? Forgot to add, please put Squid on the list? I really hate those bastards. Thanks for a plugin that works and is simple.
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    It should handle fine. It really depends on how large your map is. It just checks when a mob spawns if the mob is enabled or disabled, and reacts accordingly.

    Also, please don't troll others in my thread. This thread is for things related to eMob, and xSolar66 did nothing to attack you. He's right, try it your self. If it lags you can just delete it...


    Oh wow, what an honor. Its only my second plugin! :D


    *Facepalm* They arn't... Fixing now, it should be up in a moment.

    As for giants, this is a giant. They don't naturally spawn yet, but if notch decides to throw them in you will be auto protected(this plugin shouldn't break with MOST updates).

    As for the squids, I will look into it right now. I didn't see them on the list but I'll get it done


    Jar updated to add zombies. If you don't want to delete and reload the config, just add "Allow Zombie: false" anywhere in the config. If you have any more issues, just say and I'll get it done. I'll work on squids in a bit. Remember that it doesn't kill existing mobs (maybe I'll add this, want to keep this plugin simple though).

    Question to everyone: Would you rather have the enable/disable message be broadcasted or to sender or configurable?

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    @Zaros thanks pal! :) As for the messages, I would imagine most server admins to just have it broadcast to themselves or whoever issues command. Players tend to whine and moan about chat spam.
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    If you weren't trolling, posing, and just being overall obnoxious I would ask you to stay.
    Leave please, your not wanted in this thread if your going to be obnoxious.

    You already answered yourself though. The only way to cancel mobs is to either turn it off in the configuration, or to cancel them when they try to spawn. Its a quickly cancelled event, so unless your map has reached the farlands and your running 1g of ram with "500" players you should be fine.

    To everyone else, if the plugin does lag please work with me. I am a new(er) developer and have not learned how to fully optimize plugins. It should not lag though, unless your map is huge.

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    Nope, we just did a server reset and our map is right now only 400 MiB in size (borderguard at 3000 radius). So, no, I haven't answered myself.
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    Is it only during the night or constantly?
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    was wondering if you'd be willing to add the ability to enable passive spawning
    in ocean biomes?
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    Passive spawning? What do you mean? That monsters spawn in ocean biomes?


    Okay, RB is supported!

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    sorry typo, i meant "passive mobs", i.e. pigs, cows, chickens
    aggressive mobs can already spawn in ocean biomes, but passive mobs do not
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    Wait... So you want chickens to spawn in the water and stuff...? I see passive mobs spawn NEAR ocean biomes, but as far as realism goes I've never seen a pig 10 miles from land.
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    I'm somewhat confused. . .
    Regarding Endermen, does the plugin just disable their spawning or can it disable their block-pickup action?
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    um ...no... preferably on the islands in the ocean biome
    one sec while i dig up a seed ...
    Thats a seed that will start you out on a nice little island in the middle of an ocean biome, but no passive mobs will spawn on it.
    The same goes for every island thats been posted in the official forum,
    they just don't spawn in ocean biomes, not even on the islands.
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    It disables them from spawning, its an anti mob plugin and not an endermen nerf.

    Like I said in your plugin suggestion thread. It can't be re-enabled, but it can be faked. As for how to fake it, I do not know. Regardless, it will not become a feature of this plugin.
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    @Zaros good plugin functions how it should for the most part. I noticed if you update using commands for example /mob Endermen false, it will save to the config but will not take place to server restart. After a server restart with the config it functions correctly.
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    It should do it automatically. I have the command to set the second argument to the config, then to save and load it.
    I'll look into this more.
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    Is it still not starting after you use a command? Try having all enabled, and then disabling a few just before night break. Keep in mind that it does not remove creatures of that type already spawned.
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    I'll keep an eye on it, i had disable Endermen on and i walked into one of my buildings and sure enough one was walking around. It was only a little bit after i used the command so it was probably already there.

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