[FIX] DupeDerper v0.3.3 - Fix Piston Dupe Bug (Sand/Gravel/RS Torch) [1337]

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    DupeDerper - Fix Piston Dupe Bug; Sand, Gravel, and Red Stone Torches
    NOTE: Might not be required for Minecraft 1.0

    Version: v0.3.3 | v.0.3.5-Dev
    Licensed under: [​IMG]
    Download [zip] [jar] [Download] [Dev] | Source (soon) | Showcased on mc.minefire.net!
    Supports: Permissions (yeti) | SuperPerms* - for alerts on attempted dupes

    This plugin successfully blocks any dupe exploit created with pistons. The algorithm covers all known potential setups. Unlike other plugins, this one has the option in the config to allow the piston to Extend/Retract while destroying the (sand/gravel/rs torch)

    This plugin was specifically designed for a server I run, where Economy was a huge priority.
    I Decided to share this with the community.

    Features in Config:
    - (enable) Prevents all potential dupe exploits that require pistons​
    - (haltpiston) allows piston to extend/retract when set to false - Buggy
    - (logtofile) logs all attempted dupes to a file with location/timestamp​
    - (usePermissions) enable use of Permissions 3.0 (yeti)*​
    - alerts users when an attempted dupe was detected with coordinates​
    *Should support SuperPerms as well untested*​


    Extract contents to plugin directory or place DupeDerper.jar into plugin directory.​
    Configure config.yml to your liking. (I'm running default values)​
    Reload plugins with a plugin manager or restart server.​

    Known bugs:

    - haltpiston: pistons don't always extend when set to false​
    - potential false positives (rare)​

    Change Log:

    • (11/19/11) - v0.3.x-DEV - Hastily adding features and New Dupe Exploit
    - New Params for config.yml​
    logtoconsole: true​
    alert: true​
    - Temporarily Fix for New Dupe Exploit (Sand and Gravel + Piston)​

    • (10/25/11) - v0.3.3 - Updated to Recommended Build 1337

    - Updated to Recommended Build 1337​
    - Cleaned up some unnecessary code​
    - SuperPerms Compatible *UNTESTED*​

    • (9/5/11) - v0.3.2 - Submitted / Initial Release [1080]

    - Licensed under Creative Commons​
    - Added new Dupe Detection Algorithm​
    - Added Coordinates to Alerts​
    - Fixed Bug: multiple attempted dupe alerts​

    - add to BukkitDev Project​
    - add logtoconsole param​
    - release source​
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    can i has some diamonds? xD I don't dupe but this should be useful for server admins
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    Any updates for 1185/1240?.. I found working sand dupe machine on my server (bukkit #1185).
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    Could you pm the schematics curious to see.
    It works under the latest builds but i will compile against it this week
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    My bad, i found it before install your plugin (detect works fine). So I just want to now about builds for recommended bukkit to avoid new dupe methods.
    Also send schematics in pm.
    AFAIK this pugin is dead.
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    updated, sorry been very busy,
    should also support superperms but i haven't tested just yet (good luck :))
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    your website is down
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    There are unfixed dupe exploits? :confused:
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  14. Wow it really blocks all (I hope "all") redstone torch duping methods! Thanks!

    ! FOUND ANOTHER DUPE BUG ! Will send a link in a PM!
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    @VADemon working on it now hopefully i can have an update by the time I go back to work this week.

    updated (not fully tested) - Download "Dev" build
    It prevents it as of now but may cause more false positives, I need a little more time to clean up the code and just stop the piston retract event with the new found method.

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    awesome work. source would be fantastic :-D
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    quick feature add to disable notifications and logging to console
    use the latest dev build 0.3.5-DEV (Use at own risk ;))

    logtoconsole: false
    alert: false
    to the config.yml to disable either feature

    will be working on cleaning up code and adding a few features. Source will be available after I'm content with my organization, since it takes me a few minutes just to find out what going on when I need to add a feature xP
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    Deleted user

    1. Permissions Nodes?
    2. Compatible with PermissionsEx maybe?
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    Permissions Nodes: dupederper.notify
    Should work fine with PermissionsEx, since its SuperPerms compatible plus PEX uses a compatibility layer anyway
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    Deleted user

    @StrikeForceZero Thanks! :D
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    While testing all known Sand/Gravel/RS Torch Dupes it looks like its been fixed in the latest CraftBukkit Builds or Mojang finally fixed it with Release ;)

    So once your server updates I think you can safely not use this plugin anymore, If people want me to clean up the Detection method for warnings only (tipping off bad players) I might be able to do that, but other then that if the Bugs are fixed then I might as well retire this plugin when a recommended build hits.

    Please let me know if this is not the case for you. As much I hate my source code if someone wants it ill post it, but its not a priority right now :p

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