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Would you like to see something like this?

  1. Yes, ofcourse

  2. No, not really

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    I would like to see some sort of a fishing plugin with features such as:
    • The chance to find treasures. (Iron, Gold, Diamond, If possible I would like to be able to change the chance % by myself in some sort of properties file.)
    • The chance to find animals. (Pig, Cow, Chicken (Maybe even the occasional rare wolf or slime?) Again I would like to be able to change the % myself.)
    • Maybe even the possibility to catch a stronger fish wich then pulls you into the water.

    If you have more suggestions feel free to add them and I'll add to the main post.
    I would REALLY love to see this idea become a actual plugin.
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    Oh, didn't know there was one and I did search :p
    But since it got abandoned this is still open I suppose.
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    I might be wrong, but last I heard it hasn't been abandoned completely.
    On the levelcraft thread, fishing has the author as the creator of BigCatch, and a post on Wednesday said..
    :D Its being made as a level onto the new levelcraft format according to this information.
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    But I would really like to only have the fishing plugin itself because I use Mcmmo at the moment :D
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    Just bumping.

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